Audio: Iffy again caught making untrue statements

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has a bad habit of saying things that just aren’t true.

Recently it was that he never votes on private members bill (see here). Prior to that, he said that he went to public school here in Canada (see here). Then there was his “life-changing experience” at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival that didn’t occur (see here).

And now we have this little gem above (see more details here) from Iffy while he was stumping for Liberal candidate Tony Genco.

Media whine about Cherry endorsement of Fantino

Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun finds it funny how the same media who are questioning the right of a CBC “employee” to endorse a political candidate when it’s a Conservative, didn’t ask the same when David Suzuki did it for the Liberals. (see here)


Elections BC rejects HST recall docs over word count

I guess the irony is lost on Elections BC for its rejection of the recall petition because the acronyms HST and MLA put the word count over the allotted 200 words. (see here)

Once the Liberals are removed, interim Elections BC CEO and Campbell appointee Craig James, will have a lot to answer for his handling of this and other ways he has been seen to have thwarted the anti-HST movement. See here, here and here.

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