Mother of PET’s daughter lashes out at Toronto Star

Jonathan Kay of the NP gives the run-down on the stunningly bad decision of the Toronto Star to do a front page article on Pierre Trudeau daughter Sarah Coyne here.  Coyne’s mother deservedly rips the Toronto Star for the privacy breach of her daughter in a letter.

Also note the picture above of Coyne that ran with this “story” is an accredited photo from Brett Popplewell/Toronto Star. Think about that for a minute…does that mean that this photographer snapped this pic paparazzi style?

Video: Even Globe’s Galloway can’t hide snickering at Justin

Justin Trudeau channels his inner Master Thespian in this lame video made in support of Liberal candidate Tony Genco.

I’m sure the high school girls were all in a twitter with Justin back in his drama teacher days but this is just embarrassing. (see here)

Video: But I thought it was Social-Con politicians who were scary?

Check out the video of Liberal minister Ron MacKinley suggesting that God struck down PC leader Olive Crane for supporting Sunday shopping laws.

Notice the nervous laughter of his fellow MLAs but MacKinley is dead serious. (see here)

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