How Fantino can tell he’s in the wrong party, Kinsella endorsement

Warren Kinsella’s praise of Conservative candidate Julian Fantino in his latest column (see here) reminded me of his lavish support recently of John Tory.

Kinsella’s most recent kiss-of-death is just icing-on-the-cake for my disdain for Fantino’s candidacy but it does help show just how  Liberal connected Fantino really is.

Two things that did strike me as very interesting in this column:

– Kinsella mentions that Fantino helped with in a death-threat case against him. Kinda strange for such a police high-up to get personally involved dontcha think?

– Kinsella questions whether Ignatieff’s staff member, Pat Soraba, is on a leave of absence while helping run Liberal candidate Tony Genco’s campaign. Love to find out if that’s true…

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