John Tory: “CBC is giving us the finger”

John Tory went a long way towards converting me into a fan of his with a scathing attack on the CBC for their lack of accountability and stonewalling on FOI requests.

Tory admits to have been a big supporter of the CBC but not any longer due to the of hiding expenses, employee absenteeism rates and legal costs.

Check out Tory’s rant and subsequent interview of Brian Lilley from Sun Media who is leading the charge in forcing the CBC to come clean here.

Was there even a NDP candidate in Vaughan?

The NDP and Green will tell you that they always stand on principle and won’t waver. Unless of course it’s about supporting a Liberal candidate.

Check out the vote percentage numbers from yesterdays Vaughan by-election:

Conservative Julian Fantino 19,260 49.1%

Liberal Tony Genco 18,263 46.6%

The media sure  isn’t talking about how the NDP and Green spit 4.3% of the vote. Kinda interesting for two parties pretending to be national in scope to continue showing that they are anything but.

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