Stick a fork in NDP James and BC Conservatives are MIA

With 13 of the 40 NDP MLAs in full revolt, Michael Smyth of the Province figures that the Party poobahs (including union bosses) will get to leader Carole James and convince her that the gig is up.

Amazingly, James has shown she is about the last person in BC to realize this reminding me of tin-eared Stockwell Day and his disastrous tenure as the Canadian Alliance leader.

Is this going to be another example of ego over reality or will James clue in after today’s emergency caucus meeting? (see here)

We have the Liberals going through a leadership race with all the internal turmoil that it brings and the complete implosion of the NDP, so where the heck are the BC Conservatives? Apparently still drinking their own bath water telling each other how great a job that they are all doing.

You couldn’t ask for the stars to align any better for a new party to emerge but of course you must have leadership to make that happen even in this unbelievably ideal political climate. See some earlier posts on this bunch here, here and here

Update: The NDP emergency caucus meeting has been postponed citing “they need more time”…how can you not laugh at this soap opera? (see here)


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  1. dmorris Says:

    IF the B.C.Conservatives had a credible leader,they could probably vault into a “spoiler” role or the deciding vote in a minority government.

    McGrath isn’t that person. I know a B.C. Conservative candidate,and from discussions with him,I get the impression the BCCP is still a bunch of grey old men and devout Christians vying for power for reasons that don’t resonate with the average voter.

    The B.C. Conservatives desperately need a Leader with the charisma of the Wildrose Party leader,or God Forbid,an Obama.

    Politics isn’t about policy anymore,and we have an electorate that wants “personality” and “sexy”, not sound fiscal management.

    Politics here was a two horse race until Gordon Wilson resurrected the Liberals,then the color of the horses changed. And unless the Conservative executive is taken over by more realistic people, it’s going to stay that way.

    We are stuck between a rock and a hard place, the arrogant Liberal’s fully deserve to be decimated at the polls, but the NDP are a disaster when in power,for the simple fact they don’t have a clue about how the economy works.

    Many of us conservatives, small “c”, were hoping and praying for an alternative, but we haven’t seen one yet,and McGrath and his bunch haven’t impressed so far.

  2. Sean Smith Says:

    At the last AGM, so new and “younger” faces joined the executive and there has been a move on to include some new bodies into the party building process. Even Wayne admits that the party has not done the best job of “getting out there” but that is being worked on right now.

    What is being missed here is that there is a party being built. Others, like BC First or BC Heritage, are out there with there press releases about what is going on in politics today or talking about “important” new members that are joining the party, but that’s all. The BC Conservatives now have 25 riding associations set up around the province, with more coming every month, not to mention a target of having a couple of thousand members before the end of this year. Can the other “conservative” parties say that? No.

    The BC Conservatives have managed to survive their own internal issues and are starting to grow. The polls recognize the existence of the party, when last year it was still only a 3 party poll. In 2011, they will have a policy AND a leadership convention and be ready to seriously challenge the BC Liberals and the BC NDP. You can be as loud as you want, but you cannot fight a battle without an army behind you.

    While I am often frustrated by lack of “action and reaction” in the BCCP, it makes no sense to berate the party in a public forum. That plays right into the hands of the opposition. Better to shake off the frustration and forge ahead, helping the BC Conservative cause.

    • BC Blue Says:

      You might be very interested in what McGrath had to say about you Sean. I’ll believe your 25 riding assc numbers when you send me the list of the presidents in each of those ridings and even if there is 25, out of 75… it’s a joke.

      ps thanks for help proving my point

      • Sean Smith Says:

        It’s 85 ridings, actually.

        I have heard various versions of Wayne had to say about me (as well as others), but it doesn’t matter. I have a goal of doing my part for the party, regardless of what people may or may not think about me. I have thrown my arms up more than once, but it is not going to deter my efforts. I have a thick skin. I hate to quit anything I start.

        I did confirm some numbers, just moments ago. 16 CA’s are official and 13 are awaiting final approval from Elections BC. Another 4 or 5 are going to approval next year. Personally, I think calling yourself a contender for government, without the proper infrastructure or organization, like that of BC First and Heritage, is a joke.

        I don’t know, Dean. You are smart, obviously true blue conservative and I don’t think you have any interest in parties run my Hanni or Delaney. You are young enough to wait out the “old guard” and make things happen for the party. Why continue to malign the one Conservative party that actually has a chance? Does it not serve the opposition, if you do that?

        Where is your support going to be when it comes to crunch time?

        • BC Blue Says:

          16 out of 85…whoopie. I could have gotten the rest up and running this year if I had received the resources that I asked for.

          I will not be supporting this party until McGrath, White, Bridge etc are no longer involved with any decision making but since McGrath continues to insulate himself, that is likely not to happen any time soon. FYI he promised to not run this last term…another lie from him.

          ps McGrath had the Board reject my membership renewal

        • Sean Smith Says:

          I know that they denied your membership and I (along with many others) said that this was the wrong thing to do. I would like to see you back in, but it requires an attitude change on both your parts. He needs to be open and tolerant of ideas that he might not understand and you need to be a little more patient and work from within, rather than ranting from without. You are very much like me (I am ALWAYS in the soup for being “too vocal”), but I if I am to accomplish long term goals, I find a way to do my part despite those I feel might be holding up success.

          We have the better part of 2 years before the next election. If we cannot get the support we need in that time, then, yes, it is a failed effort. No party in the history of BC politics has started from nothing and become and overnight success.

          If you are not participating because of an issue with a few members of the party and your personal belief that they are destroying our chances of success, then you are adopting the same selfish attitude that is ripping apart the NDP right now. It is my own personal opinion (like noses, everyone has one), that you only thinking of yourself and not of the people of BC, if you don’t get involved because of personal issues with the leadership. The people don’t care about Wayne or Randy or anyone else. They only want a new option on the ballot.

        • BC Blue Says:

          I don’t believe that you really understand what exactly went on. It has nothing to do with my “ego” and everything to do with 2 consecutive Boards controlled by McGrath, White and Bridge.

          Get McGrath to formally apologize for organizing the false vote to have me removed from the Board and have that vote rescinded. Also re-instate my membership and withdraw the phony reason used by McGrath to do so. Very simple…

        • Sean Smith Says:

          Would you be willing to admit that your public comment about Lekstrom was a little off base and inappropriate for a Director of Communications, speaking on behalf of the party, to say? If you are not, then you know that there would be no movement from Wayne and the others.

        • BC Blue Says:

          Hah, according to McGrath and White, I was not the Director of Communications…besides, my comments were in general conversation and not spoken as a Party rep so I have no problem at all saying that they would indeed be inappropriate in that context. Unfortunately, no one asked for an explanation before holding their little secret vote.

  3. Progressive Tory Says:

    How would the Conservatives exactly differ from the Liberals? Most likely they’d just cause vote splitting which would probably lead to an NDP government. However I guess they’re doing it in Alberta so if it ends up working there it would work in BC I suppose.

    They might be better off working with the Liberals though.

    • BC Blue Says:

      There is no hope of saving these corrupt Liberals and the NDP will be back in power sooner than later without an alternative. Best way to make sure of that is keep propping up the Liberals.

      • Sean Smith Says:

        See, I don’t get this. You say that The BC Conservatives are bad because they are a “refuge” for BC Liberals seeking to stay alive and in power, yet you advocate the idea of “propping up” the BC Liberals to stave off the BC NDP? That makes no sense. Would it not be more logical to capture all the support you can from the conservatives that are in the BC Liberals and encourage those who have not voted before, because of the hatred for both the BC Liberals and the BC NDP, to vote for the BC Conservatives? If there is any “vote splitting”, it will be the result of fringe parties like BC First and BC Heritage, splitting the votes of those who do not want either of the current option.

        • BC Blue Says:

          What…?? I have never advocated propping up the Liberals. You might want to try re-reading…

        • Sean Smith Says:

          “There is no hope of saving these corrupt Liberals and the NDP will be back in power sooner than later without an alternative. Best way to make sure of that is keep propping up the Liberals.”

          How did I read that wrong?

        • BC Blue Says:

          Holding one’s nose and voting Liberal will not allow a new party to be formed and only guarantee a NDP gov’t in the near future.

        • Sean Smith Says:

          I totally agree. So who are you going to support? You don’t seem interested in the BC Conservatives and you, of course, will not be support the Liberals or the NDP. What’s left?

        • BC Blue Says:

          I’m sitting this one out and not supporting anyone until those 3 lying backstabbers are gone.

  4. Sean Smith Says:

    If you sit this one out, Dean, because of your personal issue with a few “current” leadership people, then you may as well vote for one of the other parties. The result is the same.

    Seriously. Park the anger and the ego. Let’s find a way to get you back in, get you running a CA and get your talents behind building the party. All you are doing right now is feeding the success of the BC Liberals and the BC NDP.

    I know that the literature will look better and more professional. After I stopped raising hell, they handed to media material development over to me. 🙂

  5. real conservative Says:

    What is wrong with Stockwell Day?

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