Conservative blogger catches CP journo spreading Delacourt’s flimsy Mar 29 election story

Blogger Alberta Ardvark has made a couple great posts in the last few days.

First he caught CTV deviously editing Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff’s gaffe (see here) and today he shows us another example of how incestuous the Ottawa Press Corp are.

The Star’s Susan Delacourt had used “Don Burroughs” as a source saying he got a call from a Conservative fund-raiser who told him that there would be an election Mar 29. The Star then later used Delacourt’s ridiculous article in another story (see here).

Check out Alberta Ardvark’s run-down on Jennifer Ditchburn using this same unsubstantiated Mar 29 election story on CTV’s Question Period here.


“Pulled elastic” and other nonsense from Ignatieff

Some questions in the House of Commons today from Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff for which he has had 6 weeks to prepare:

“What exactly has the government been saying to the authorities in Egypt?Are we or are we not standing up for democratic values?”

Ya, the Conservatives are in favour of dictatorships… Iffy then went on to say that difficulty in Canadians getting out of Egypt were due to foreign service cut backs. Like every other country isn’t having similar logistical problems getting their citizens out of there. Maybe Iffy also missed the account of one Canadian who has been in Egypt for 4 years saying she’s in no rush to leave and feels very safe? (see here)

“Mr. Speaker, the government is raising taxes for small and medium-sized enterprises”

After all the crocodile tears about the Conservative ads misrepresenting Iffy, he has the gall to have this lie recorded in Hansard?

“When, will the government start listening to those families where the elastic is pulled tight and start doing something for them instead of corporations that do not need the help?”

What is this “elastic” that he is referring? It really makes me wonder if he even understands the questions prepared for him by the Liberal brainiacs.



Who exactly is this “Don Burroughs” in Star’s Delacourt story?

Blogger Paulsrants asked me to check out Susan Delacourt’s article (see here) in which she sources someone named Don Burroughs who says he received a phone call from a Conservative fundraiser who told him their would be an election March 29th.

Obvious first question is, who the heck is Don Burroughs? He wouldn’t be another Liberal blogger like Kady O’Malley used (see here) without disclosing?

The second question is, who thinks some random fundraiser caller has the inside scoop on any election timing information?

This story stinks from high-heaven and is even made worse as Delacourt is always riding around on her high-horse admonishing others (see here) for poor journalists practices even though I’ve caught her doing it in the past (see here).

So, if anyone might know who this Don Burroughs is, please let us know because Delacourt isn’t telling still.

Update: Check out this story where the Star uses Delacourt’s mystical date “Reports over the weekend said Prime Minister Stephen Harper is considering a federal election for this spring with a possible date of March 29”.


Kinsella ain’t too pleased with turncoat Rossi

At least we know now it wasn’t Warren Kinsella who came up with what may go down in history as the lamest campaign slogan(s) ever. (see here)

Arrgg…updated citizen arrest law is not “controversial”

Someone needs to let this Postmedia News reporter know that just because he finds a criminal lawyer who doesn’t like the new citizens arrest law, that doesn’t mean that there are people at the ready with ropes in hand.

Lawyer Jonathan Dawe:

“There is a concern that untrained citizens might arrest in situations where it isn’t really justified, and a further concern about citizens putting themselves in dangerous situations where someone — themselves, the person they are arresting or innocent bystanders — might get hurt.”

Ya, right…the way it was before where you have idiotic cops and prosecutors charging a guy trying to protect his property made so much more sense. (see here)

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