Star editorial leaves out details in Somali-sister immigration scam

How is it possible that the Toronto Star left out some very important details in their editorial about Suaad Hagi Mohamud and her legal fight over being detained in Kenya after being refused entry by a Canadian official? There is no way that it was accidental.

This editorial is so full of misinformation and half-truths that it defies any journalistic standards.

Compare just this one editorial “fact” with the National Post’s Jonathan Kay’s version written in Oct ’09:

Star – Mohamud was barred from boarding her flight out of Nairobi when an airline official thought she didn’t look like her four-year-old passport photo. In subsequent court proceedings, the immigration officer who wrongly declared her an imposter “refused to answer certain questions and refused to provide certain documents” on the instructions of government lawyers, the judge noted. How odd.

Kay – the woman who presented herself as Suaad Hagi Mohamud at Nairobi’s airport was shockingly ignorant of certain basic facts. In three interviews with high commission investigator Paul Jamieson, the woman apparently could not describe her job in Toronto, the full name of her supposed employer, the date of her marriage (which she botched by a decade), the birthday of her child, or any of the teachers at her child’s school. She also was 7cm shorter than her listed height.

Seemingly, the judge who awarded Mohamud legal costs reads the Star as gospel and we as taxpayers had better hope that the one presiding over her $2.5M lawsuit doesn’t. (see Star editorial here) (see Kay’s column here)

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