CBC Studio manager stopped from donating taxpayer money to Liberal MPP

How was it possible that the manager of the CBC’s Glenn Gould Studio, Mike Carrol, didn’t know it wasn’t OK to wave the standard commission charged for Liberal MPP (MLA)  Rick Johnson’s fundraiser?

“Documents obtained by QMI Agency show that Mike Carroll, the general manager of the Glenn Gould Studio in CBC’s Toronto headquarters, was willing to waive fees and offered a solution to help sell donated alcohol”

Carrol email to Johnson: “I have to apologize profusely, but I’ve been told by top brass in Ottawa that we can’t hold your event in the GGS”

(see story here)

Update: Looks like CBC tried to hide these emails when asked under a FOI request (see here)


Add ex-Harper Chief of Staff Guy Giorno to my list of man-crushes

The reason I don’t follow politicians or their staff on Twitter is because of how safe and boring they are. I really don’t give a rat’s patute about funding announcements or public thankings of this person or that one “for years of service…blah blah blah” but man, do I love it when they go back to civilian life and are looking to settle a few scores.

Things have been very boring since Kory Tenyecke flamed-out as SunTV’s honcho and stopped Tweeting his very quotable media bashes (see here) so I am ecstatic that ex-Harper Chief of Staff Guy Giorno is now taking on some within the media:

– NSW great, but rest drivel from pompous, little man www.tinyurl.com/27v6n28 Ignores Canada’s Economic Action Plan, strategic brand building.

– Where’s Globe&Mail opus “Stephen Harper’s Autumn”? @johnibbitson touted big essay on Autumnus Horribilis of PM (and me). Instead we did well

– TorStar boasts of fewer corrections each year-but Press Council has found Star just avoids correcting its errorshttp://tinyurl.com/2anrdu6

and my favourite one so far:

– @dsmartin56 Still trying to justify your false, market-moving story on potash? Pathetic, Don. Just apologise and move on.


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