CBC’s Greg Weston doesn’t use word “Liberal” in Senator fraud story

Even though Senator Raymond Lavigne was removed from the Liberal caucus back in 2006, please tell me how it is possible to file a piece on this story without once mentioning the word “Liberal”?

Looks like Weston is fitting in well at the CBC. (see here)

Also: see earlier posts on Lavigne here and here


Friday Wrap-up on goofy BC leadership races

If you think politics is ridiculous in your province, take a look at what we have to deal with here in BC.

Liberal leader wannabes:

Kevin Falcon quotes from when he led the Total Recall campaign against the NDP in 1999

1.  “They have no legitimacy to act as the voice of the public because they were elected on the basis of a lie.”

2.  “This is a government that has so completely lost direction, have been involved with so many unethical practices, that people are absolutely fed up.”

3.  “The government has completely lost its moral authority to govern.”

4.  “The government is very, very vulnerable.”

But now that the shoe is on the other foot, it’s just an attempt to “re-fight the last election.”

George Abbott receives the kiss-of-death endorsement from tossed Liberal MLA Bill Bennett after he had a complete melt-down calling Gordon Campbell a bunch of fun names. Abbott also called out Mike de Jong for his handling of the BC Rail trial lawyer pay-offs and took a swipe at Christy Clark over the issue of a review of the BC Rail scandal

Christy Clark continues to get hammered for her BC Rail corruption connections by blogger Alex Tsakumis

Mike de Jong gets savaged by Vaughn Palmer for his botched BC Rail “announcement” and apology for having blamed the $6M lawyer-fee bribe on his then deputy minister

NDP leader wannabes:

Dana Larsen gets an endorsement from doper Tommy Chong in above video

Harry Lali announces his leadership intentions with a call-to-arms to “older white males”

NDP Party became a national laughing-stock with their gender-based affirmative action rules come into play during this leadership race

Liberal MP Holland pandering to Coptic churches

Liberal MP Mark Holland was at he hyperbolic best saying that the terrorist attacks on Coptic orthodox churches in Egypt could happen here in Canada by issuing a press release demanding public money for security cameras and alarm systems:

“There is funding available through the Security Infrastructure Program specifically allocated to provide the equipment, services and training so everyone who enters these churches can be assured of the very best in safety and security technology” (see here)

Now square this with the Liberal Party support (see here) of bringing the Left’s favourite terrorist Omar Khadr home here to Canada.

Also: Check out Holland’s security flip-flop on airline travelers wearing veils here

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