Horrors! Women appointments drop 4.5% reports CBC

In an unaccredited story, the CBC reports a reduction of almost 5% of women being appointed to federal tribunals, boards, agencies and Crown corporations since 2006.

All this item needs is the obvious quotes from:

An outraged current Liberal MP

Anita Neville – “It takes an effort to ensure that women put forward their names and that there is an environment where women know that if they put forward their names, they’ll be given serious consideration. And I don’t think that exists at the present time.”

A Liberal who use to do the appointments (don’t mention she is a current candidate though)

Penny Collenette“The system of orders-in-council appointments really is the backbone of federal public government in this country. In a way, you call it the people’s service.”

An anti-Con university professor who has had their turn feeding from the public trough

Brooke Jeffrey from Concordia – “So as an outward and visible symbol of the government and as someone who will be in a leadership role, you have to assume that it’s important that women be there. It’s also important that visible minorities be there. …Any decrease in representation, given that already we’re way behind other countries, is a negative step that should cause concern. It’s not that there aren’t qualified women there.”

And presto, there you have all the makings of another CBC faux-news article. (see here)

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