Conservative spokesman calls Reformers “angry rednecks”

Unsurprisingly, the BC Conservatives once again shoot themselves in the foot. This comes just a few days after they lied to the media about membership and CA numbers (see here).

Their latest gaff comes via a column by the National Post’s Brian Hutchinson who quotes BC Con spokesman Keith Roy saying “Reform had an angry, redneck bent”. How politically tone-deaf do you have to be to say that about members of your own party when a national columnist calls giving you much-needed exposure?

Wonder if the group of ex-MPs (Randy White, Darrel Stinson, Jim Hart and Reed Elley) who make up the BC Cons Advisory Committee agree with this moronic assessment? (see here)

This is also the same guy who put out a press release mocking the NDP and Liberal for lacking a leader forgetting that his own party doesn’t have one as well (see here).

Also: See posts on my saga dealing with this bunch here, here and here where they refused my membership


Liberal MP meeting with UAE officials??!!

First we had Liberal MP Dan McTeague bashing Canada in a UAE newspaper (see here) and now we have Liberal MP Bob Rae meeting with officials from there and contradicting Canadian government positions.

“I have never seen such a ham-fisted and confrontational approach to a friendly and moderate country in my political experience. Repairing the damage to this relationship will take even longer than Peter Mackay said a few weeks ago”

“My sense from my discussions [Sunday] is that if Mr. Harper were to show some flexibility and goodwill, the UAE would reciprocate, and a solution in the best interests of both countries and economies could be found. That is the purpose of my visit here”

Oh, is it really Bob? (see here)


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