Conservative spokesman calls Reformers “angry rednecks”

Unsurprisingly, the BC Conservatives once again shoot themselves in the foot. This comes just a few days after they lied to the media about membership and CA numbers (see here).

Their latest gaff comes via a column by the National Post’s Brian Hutchinson who quotes BC Con spokesman Keith Roy saying “Reform had an angry, redneck bent”. How politically tone-deaf do you have to be to say that about members of your own party when a national columnist calls giving you much-needed exposure?

Wonder if the group of ex-MPs (Randy White, Darrel Stinson, Jim Hart and Reed Elley) who make up the BC Cons Advisory Committee agree with this moronic assessment? (see here)

This is also the same guy who put out a press release mocking the NDP and Liberal for lacking a leader forgetting that his own party doesn’t have one as well (see here).

Also: See posts on my saga dealing with this bunch here, here and here where they refused my membership


11 Responses to “Conservative spokesman calls Reformers “angry rednecks””

  1. J Says:

    I do not like Keith Roy. He ran for the NPA parks board nomination in Vancouver, and in my opinion, he is one of those self-serving and arrogant types that shouldn’t be in politics.

    • BC Blue Says:

      I’ve not heard goods things about him from someone who was deeply involved in the NPA

      • BC Tory Says:

        @BC Blue – call me. Judge
        for yourself. My number is at the bottom of the press release. No point in not liking someone you’ve never met or talked to.

        • BC Blue Says:

          I have no personal opinion of you what-so-ever. I do believe that you are unsuited and over your head in your current role. I mainly blame your President Wayne McGrath for putting you in that position but he is also way over his head as well so no surprise there.

  2. Sean M Says:

    It’s jackassery like this that stops the BC Conservatives from being taken seriously. It’s a shame because if they had their poop together they could be a real political power in BC politics. It’s like BC Conservatives never miss a chance to marginalize themselves. Too bad.

    • BC Blue Says:

      It’s a one chance that rarely comes along for a fringe party to emerge and they are allowing it to pass them by purely from incompetence.

  3. Joe Flizack Says:

    Your comments to the media were a disgrace in the media. Just to walk away Dean, and know when to stop.

  4. Gerry Grewal Says:

    Sounds like you are sour grapes. It’s no wonder they didn’t want you back…

    • BC Blue Says:

      You do realize that I can tell that you are posting under multiple names as I can cross reference your IP address to find you? Why don’t you man-up and let everyone know who you really are? First clue: You live in Nanaimo

      ps “sour grapes” isn’t used as a noun and seriously… “to the media were a disgrace in the media”, what does that even mean?

      • Gerry Grewal Says:

        Just because 2 people post from the same computer doesnt make them the same person. And thanks for the grammar lesson but I think you get the point.

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