Liberal MLA back under RCMP investigation also cozy relationship with TV reporter discovered

BC Liberal MLA and former solicitor general Kash Heed is back under police investigation stemming from Election Act violations that led to charges (see here) against two of Heed’s campaign workers.

“police allege Heed was part of an elaborate scheme that took his constituency office’s furniture allowance to pay the campaign workers who created anti-NDP pamphlets”

RCMP spokesperson Sgt. Tim Shields:

“[These] are allegations of offenses under the elections act and under the criminal code. They are serious”

“Sgt. John Taylor of the RCMP E-Division Commercial Crimes unit wrote in the warrant that based on the evidence in the investigation, he thought Heed was holding back during interrogations.”

“Contrary to Kash Heed’s statements, I believe that Kash Heed is not telling the whole truth”

Near the bottom of the article was the other bombshell in which Global News reporter Catherine Urquhart is shown to be in a tight relationship with Heed and Heed’s charged campaign manager, Barinder Sall.

Email exchange between Sall and Urqhart June 10, 2010:

“I can honestly say Kash would not be SG today if it hadn’t been for some key people behind the scenes,” wrote Sall. “There were truly three people that played a major role: Me, Peter Dhillon, and yourself and Kash knows this. Peter was the money guy, I’m the brown tanned James Bond strategy girl chasing guy, and you were like the communications director… your stories, coverage and timing gave Kash a lot of profile and built him a following from day 1.”

“Hey, that’s really sweet of you,” wrote Urquhart. “Have to say — there were a number of people along the way (cops and reporters — mostly cops) who seemed to have it in for Kash. But I always believed he was a good guy. I’m truly glad it worked out! C”

And if that wasn’t damaging enough, check out this other article here which is about Urquart and Heed denying that she was tipped off by Heed in order to get coverage on a juicy story involving Heed when he was police chief.

Can’t wait to hear the response from Global.

Also: The hits keep coming against Global reporters as longtime radio and television journalist Ron Bencze is now facing five charges of sexual assault, including two counts of sexual interference with a person under 16 and two of invitation to sexual touching involving a person under 16. (see here)


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