Another inflammatory headline directed at Harper from Citizen

The day before, we had the headline “if Harper was to die” from the Ottawa Citizen and yesterday we had this gem:

“Name a position on Afghanistan that Harper hasn’t taken

How can a prime minister who has spent five years playing politics when lives are at stake denounce his opponents for playing politics when lives are at stake – and not be jeered off the stage”

Of course, the column comes from Dan Gardner who is well-known for doing hit pieces on Harper.


Media won’t let taping of ad in Harper’s office alone


Only Kady O’Malley (see here) and Tim Naumetz (see here) could spill so much “ink” on such a non-story as the Conservatives taping an ad in PM Stephen Harper’s parliamentary office.

Like two dogs on a bone, they are pushing the idea that the Conservatives used Harper’s office for illegal election purposes. The rule reads that no electioneering ie office materials, telecommunications, wireless equipment, employees etc are allowed. This means to anyone that doesn’t have an agenda, that things associated with everyday MP expenses can’t be used.

To make the leap that somehow filming the PM sitting in his office is an abuse is more than ludicrous, it’s extremely telling.

Big surprise: Star manipulates poll results for anti-Harper angle

59% of the people in a Angus Reid poll are either saying that they are “better off (30%)” or “about the same (29%)” in the last 5 years and somehow the Star creates the headline:

Better off under Harper? Many Canadians aren’t so sure, poll finds

Ottawa Bureau Chief for the Star, Bruce Campion-Smith lamely tries to tie PM Stephen Harper to a sense of unhappiness right from the first paragraph:

“After five years of Conservative rule, Canadians are feeling safe in their homes, uncertain about their financial situation and undecided whether they’re truly better off thanks to Stephen Harper’s time in government, a poll reveals.”

Problem is, the pollster disagrees with that linkage:

“Canadians are fairly evenly divided on whether or not they sort of happy the way things are going. I think the economy plays a large role in that,” said Jaideep Mukerji, vice-president of public affairs for Angus Reid Public Opinion.

“The mood of the country isn’t particularly upbeat right now but I don’t think it’s created a desire for people to become agitated and clamouring for change”

But of course that doesn’t deter Campion-Smith from his predetermined story line:

“But neither does there seem to be enthusiastic endorsement of the Conservatives’ time in office”

Keep trying Bruce…(see here)

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