Who exactly is this “Don Burroughs” in Star’s Delacourt story?

Blogger Paulsrants asked me to check out Susan Delacourt’s article (see here) in which she sources someone named Don Burroughs who says he received a phone call from a Conservative fundraiser who told him their would be an election March 29th.

Obvious first question is, who the heck is Don Burroughs? He wouldn’t be another Liberal blogger like Kady O’Malley used (see here) without disclosing?

The second question is, who thinks some random fundraiser caller has the inside scoop on any election timing information?

This story stinks from high-heaven and is even made worse as Delacourt is always riding around on her high-horse admonishing others (see here) for poor journalists practices even though I’ve caught her doing it in the past (see here).

So, if anyone might know who this Don Burroughs is, please let us know because Delacourt isn’t telling still.

Update: Check out this story where the Star uses Delacourt’s mystical date “Reports over the weekend said Prime Minister Stephen Harper is considering a federal election for this spring with a possible date of March 29”.


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