Who exactly is this “Don Burroughs” in Star’s Delacourt story?

Blogger Paulsrants asked me to check out Susan Delacourt’s article (see here) in which she sources someone named Don Burroughs who says he received a phone call from a Conservative fundraiser who told him their would be an election March 29th.

Obvious first question is, who the heck is Don Burroughs? He wouldn’t be another Liberal blogger like Kady O’Malley used (see here) without disclosing?

The second question is, who thinks some random fundraiser caller has the inside scoop on any election timing information?

This story stinks from high-heaven and is even made worse as Delacourt is always riding around on her high-horse admonishing others (see here) for poor journalists practices even though I’ve caught her doing it in the past (see here).

So, if anyone might know who this Don Burroughs is, please let us know because Delacourt isn’t telling still.

Update: Check out this story where the Star uses Delacourt’s mystical date “Reports over the weekend said Prime Minister Stephen Harper is considering a federal election for this spring with a possible date of March 29”.



25 Responses to “Who exactly is this “Don Burroughs” in Star’s Delacourt story?”

  1. Mary T Says:

    Could he be the football player that died in 2006 and Susan has reached a new low to get information.
    After all, a former liberal PM used to communicate with his dead mother.
    Does he even exist.

  2. bocanut Says:

    Isn’t he the homeless guy that Chretien used to chat with?

  3. Enkidu Says:

    I think Don Burroughs is Cretin’s imaginary homeless friend.

  4. Bec Says:

    It’s kinda rich that Delacourt props up her article with a quote from a nobody of importance after criticising ‘anonymous’/’insider’ source pieces. Is there a difference?

    I guess it all goes to credibility and whether she can ever be taken seriously after this. I’m sure she has the diehard readers/co-workers that say, “ooo…awww…wow a source” and believe this to be meaningful journalism but I simply wonder how most of them still have a job with this amateur, gossipy, stretching the truth stuff.
    This one however really takes it all to a whole new level of terrible.

  5. Joe Says:

    This reminds me of the movie Groundhog Day. Every year about this time this same tired old story gets trotted out about the pending election because somebody in a call center mentioned the Conservatives need the money to fight the soon to be announced upcoming election.

  6. old lady Says:

    Watching Question Period today, I couldn’t believe Jane Taber quoting Delacourt’s column and actually giving it credibility. But then why not? It fit her agenda so she might as well treat it like serious journalism

  7. Rph Says:

    Actually it was Jennifer Ditchburn that brought it up in a factual context, giving credence to the column. The PPG proves once again that they have no credability.

  8. real conservative Says:

    Uh is this why the CRTC relaxed laws on the media lying? Did Liberals believe that outright lies sanctioned by the system their loyalists control would give them an edge in the coming election?

  9. Roger Says:

    Actually is was Jennifer Ditchburn that brought up Delacourt’s column, praising her for her story, and referring to the March 29 election date. It seems that Ditchburn bought the whole scenario as presented by Delacourt.

  10. Jen Says:

    Can you imagine sitting there for a whole hour on Q/P demonstrating or exposing yourself like a jackass.

    True decent respectable reporters do not reduce their intelligence to that level.
    Only easily sway bought irresponsible un intelligectuals reporters do.
    One day these irresponsible disrespectable reporters will face what they have been craving for- A BACKLASH.

  11. fernstalbert Says:

    Wishful hope on the part of the MSM – they are running on empty and would rather speculate on election rumors than the big picture. Hello, here is a shout out to the folks in Toronto, there is major unrest in the Middle East and the despots are fleeing to western democracies.-Yeah lets talk about a federal election in Canada. Piffle – NHL All Star Game today and the Scott Tournamnet of Hearts in February. Cheers.

  12. Rose Says:

    Anyone else wonder if that group has some kind of secret pact/forum like Journogate? Sure seems like they work together behind the scenes.

  13. Ardvark Says:

    Elections in Canada are held on a Monday unless it is a stat.

    Mar 29, 2011 is a Tuesday.

    So much for that.

  14. Sean M Says:

    The desperation and lies coming from Delacourt and her co-conspirators in the media is quite laughable, but the stench of corruption within the media is no joke. Delacourt and her fellow “Liberal” activists within the media are a dangerous cabal of propagandists, and they are a disgrace. Delacourt has no credibility as a “journalist” and her integrity is pulp.

    • Jen Says:

      Have you seen or heard other reporters deny Delacourt’s story-I haven’t.
      We all know that she, Kady, CTV CBC GLOBAL NATIONAL, G/M, T/S, all work very very closely with the LPOC. They have too, since they were bought and sold to work their master’s (LPOC) job and no other-not even Canada is part of their agenda.

  15. Liz J Says:

    It’s the corrupted media who are gung-ho for an election, have been for some time. It’s the only way they see to get rid of Iggy and start afresh to get their Liberals back in the saddle.

    Hope they’re prepared for a long haul, the Liberals have slim pickins’.

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