Hah! CBC’s Reid advising about “political blind spots”

If a guy is going to write about political vulnerabilities such as Scott Reid does in his latest column for the CBC, he might want to look at himself in the mirror first.

Anyone who was a devotee of Paul Martin and member of the “Board” which included David Herle and Terrie O’Leary, should not be giving advice about “blind spots”.


Globe’s self-proclaimed Alberta political expert

You have to shake your head and wonder why the Globe and Mail can’t get someone with local knowledge of Albertan politics to write on the subject.

Instead we get blow-hard Jeffery Simpson and his listed Alberta street credentials “The Globe and Mail’s national affairs columnist and a regular visitor to Alberta” whose advice to the provincial Liberal Party is to hide themselves in the Alberta Party because they are unelectable as Liberals.

Morphing into a shell party with no principles nor constitution by stealth thus lying to the voters is the only way says Simpson. (see here)


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