Diane Finley’s vs Ken Dryden’s comments on daycare

Here is what Conservative Human Resources Minister Diane Finely said about the Liberal plan for national daycare:

“It’s the Liberals who wanted to ensure that parents are forced to have other people raise their children. [The Conservatives] do not believe in that.”

Now compare that to what then Liberal Social Development Minister Ken Dryden said about a poll showing that parents prefer to stay at home with their children:

“As parents we all feel guilty about the time we are not spending with our kids, but if we asked the same group of people or any group of people if they would like to lose weight, 90 per cent would say ‘Yes.”‘

“If we asked them if they would like ice cream once a week and chocolate twice a day, about the same percentage would say the same. The question, as in all of these questions, is not what we would like to do, but what we will do, and what we do.”

and here’s Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett:

“Women of Canada want to hear about early learning and child care…to be able to get back to school, to get a real job, to be able to go to work.”

Now, who is insulting parents?

PS I’m trying to find a link to where Dryden’s compared stay-at-home parents to people who treat their own children instead of taking them to a doctor. If anyone has it, please send it along…

Update: The link to Dryden’s doctor/stay-at-home comparison is here

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