NP’s Ivison calls MP Bernier a “problem” for Harper

The Ottawa media continues the tale that somehow Conservative MP Maxime Bernier is creating massive headaches for PM Stephen Harper and that Harper can’t wait to figure out a way to rid himself of Bernier.

The National Post’s John Ivison is the latest and asks this idiotic question “How do you solve a problem like Maxime”? Ivison goes on to question Bernier’s intelligence and concludes that Harper will “tolerate” Bernier as long as he isn’t a “threat”. (see here)

Also: Check out this earlier post on the last time the media collectively tried stirring up this phony controversy (here)


VANOC leaks luge accident documents only to media friends

It was bad enough watching CTV/Globe and Mail journos fall all over themselves with praise of the Olympics during it (see here) and still be pushing the “Olympic fever” angle on its anniversary (see here) but it’s a whole ‘nother thing to receive strategically leaked documents from VANOC.

On the eve of a CBC story (see here) about how VANOC knew well in advance how dangerous the luge track was, John Furlong and his communications director Renee Smith-Valade have been caught slipping documents to CTV and the Globe and Mail in hopes of getting some sympathetic coverage to counter this damaging information. (see here)

NP’s McParland calls out Hill Times’ Naumetz

Sure is nice to see Kelly McParland from the National Post rip into Tim Naumetz’s latest in the Hill Times:

“The Hill Times, which calls itself “Canada’s Politics and Government Newsweekly” has an article about the Conservatives’ prowess at fundraising.

“Tories raise whopping $17.3 million, parties question ‘Republican-style’ tactics,” it says.

You will notice the terminology. Opposition parties can no longer accuse the Tories of “U.S.-style” tactics, because the President is a Democrat now, so “U.S.-style” no longer carries the evil connotation it did when George W. was president.  Now they have to say “Republican-style” instead.”

McParland’s show what a good editor from a real newspaper would accept and there’s not a chance in Hell that Naumetz’s junk would ever pass muster. (see here)

Also: This isn’t the first time Naumetz has tried to stir up faux controversy on the Conservative’s fund-raising. (see here)

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