NDP: Free speech for me but not for thee

The NDP’s Charlie Angus and Thomas Mulcair get ripped apart by the Sun’s David Akin, the NP’s Lorne Gunter and Matt Gurney for their anti-SunTV stance thinly disguised behind their push to keep an unenforceable  CRTC regulation. (see here, here and here)

At least they have the Toronto Star’s Heather Mallick’s support though:

“The smartest NDP MP, Charlie Angus, seized the nettle in the House of Commons and said the initiative slithered out of the Prime Minister’s Office as a way of protecting Sun TV from spouting lies.”

“Angus, a man of courage, has given us an out. The Commons committee on Canadian Heritage is now studying the CRTC plan.”

“Please call the CRTC in these dying moments and email your MP. Fight the poisoned airwaves coming your way. It’s a battle for truth and fair dealing, and we’re losing.” (see here)


Now that Macleans’ Wherry reposted Harper’s “firewall” letter…

…(see here) when will he post one of Ignatieff’s “I’m an American” speeches?

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