Star’s Rob Ford “connection” to BC Lib membership sign-up shenanigan

Anyone willing to bet that the Toronto Star wouldn’t have touched this story about the BC Liberals having a cat being signed up during their leadership race if it didn’t have a link to Mayor Rob Ford? (see here)


Ignatieff talking about losing sovereignty to US

In an op-ed for the Globe and Mail, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff worries about losing control of our immigration, security etc to the US. This is from a guy who as Alberta Ardvark shows referred to himself as an American 22 times in the above 2 minute speech.

Will anyone in the Ottawa Press Gallery challenge him on this contradiction of loyalty? (see here)

Video: Lib MP could at least put away Blackberry while singing national anthem

A lot of flack is being directed at Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett for the lyrical changes she made (and butchered) while singing O’Canada but was she also texting during the rendition?

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