Delacourt gets uppity from criticism

The complete inability of being able to honestly and objectively look at themselves in a mirror is not a redeeming quality in anyone but is especially repugnant when it is so clear in someone whose job is to relay information to the public.

Instead of taking the criticism of her unbelievably ridiculous story to heart, Susan Delacourt lashes out with the above Tweet.

This is from someone who admonished her fellow journalists last month for using anonymous Liberal sources who may or may not even be Liberals:

“No other political party in Canada, I’d argue, has as many so-called partisans willing to go off the record to trash their own fortunes/leadership/mood, etc.  All of us in the political reporting world have found these folks useful at various times.   Here’s the three-pronged problem I’d like to see us resolve to tackle in 2011:

1. Why are they anonymous?

2. Are they really strategists?

3. Most importantly, are they really Liberals?

This third point has been nagging at me ever since one of the anonymous folks called me before Christmas, and in the process of explaining himself, let slip that he’d prefer that Harper  win the next election.

That doesn’t make this person a Liberal strategist — it makes him an operative for the Conservatives.”

Here are a few more examples of her style of reporting:

– Used a non-sourced person (Don Burroughs) a couple of weeks ago as the basis of an election speculation story here.

– Getting caught pushing a pic of Harper’s UN speech crowd size out of context here

– Running Liberal MP’s father’s suicide story here

– On not reporting Liberal MP rumour here

Must be nice to live in Delacourt’s world where everyone is wrong except you.

Also: Check out Delacourt’s smarmy response to my letter of complaint here

12 Responses to “Delacourt gets uppity from criticism”

  1. Alberta Girl Says:

    Hmmmmmmm….isn’t she paid to sit on her ass and write about other’s people????

    Pot calling kettle syndrome.

    These so called journalists need to take a good hard look at themselves in the mirror.

    • jeff Says:

      Yes, this is truly a dumb thing to write. These journalists attack others every day and then complain when they get it back.

  2. Rose Says:

    Keep exposing the liberal shills that have the audacity to call themselves journalists. I wonder did she get off her arse and try and substantiate her inference that the Cons were behind the FOIR??? I think we all know where these stories are planned, a small group of academics and loyal liberal urnalists seem to have quite the “Working arrangement” when the academics aren’t the meat of the story they are Liberal MSM’s experts on TV and in print. How cute, makes you wonder if Canada has her very own Journo/academia group operating behind the scenes? If so they aren’t very good at their job.

    • Jen Says:

      I smell ‘FEAR’ in the left wing media. why I don’t know.
      Why do they hate PM so much is beyond anyone’s comprehension.
      Our country is doing so well compared to other countries and not a positive topic can be heard by the media.
      I guess they want Canada to go down the drain; lose all businesses etc etc to then feel proud of it.

      Other nations would give the world to be in our position but, not the lefties. Sad.

  3. jad Says:

    You forgot the one about the election being on March 29 – a Tuesday.

  4. WTF Says:


  5. Bec Says:

    Wouldn’t it be something if Susan Delacourts’ middle name started with an ‘A’?

  6. beachdude Says:

    The princess is worried, you can tell by her response.

    • Jen Says:

      She should be afraid- afraid that one day some one who read her articles thinking all she wrote as true to her(delacourt’s) words, was none other a bunch of lies mis representation manipulation and twisted words. What then would Delacourt say to her dedicated readers.
      “that what harper has done for canada was wrong yet the liberals who stole from the nations and some of whom refuse to repay their loans to the EC ; what the liberals did to the E I funds -the people’s funds without replacing it, is all but OK? I don’t think readers would like it at all.

      Sorry Delacourt, journalists today are paying the price for unscruplous manipulative reporters of yesteryears. which means, journalist have to worker harder today if they want to be heard seen and read.

  7. Sean M Says:

    Delacourt having a little hissy fit because she was exposed, once again at being a “Liberal” shill. What an unprofessional hack she is… Delacourts unsubstantiated accusations and obvious smear job against the Conservative Government, on behalf of her “Liberal” party agent comrades, Mendes and Attaran backfired on her, and she is once again a laughing stock in Canadian “journalism”, which if one looks at the competition is quite a feat. Delacourt proving once again that being a “Liberal” means never having to admit you’re wrong, or that you’re sorry. Truly a pathetic, desperate character.

  8. Ontario Girl Says:

    Well look where she came from….the CBC and the Broooooadcast .

    She should hitch up with James Travisty…they’d make a perfect team. He can’t face the fact the Liberals are no longer in power either. Pathetic.

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