Star’s Delacourt all-in on career jeopardizing story

I guess Susan Delacourt of the Toronto Star decided that losing most of what remains of her journalistic credibility wasn’t bad enough when she ran what Jonathan Kay of the NP called “Possibly the lamest front-page “exclusive” in the history of Canadian journalism” (see here), she decided to do a second part.

In what is obviously a pre-conceived stunt, the two University of Ottawa professors are now “challenging” the person who put in the FOIs on them to identify him or herself. (see here)


5 Responses to “Star’s Delacourt all-in on career jeopardizing story”

  1. Ontario Girl Says:

    Maybe Liberal Susan got this info from that guy “DON” from last week? Just speculation on my part though.lololol
    Wonder if the national Inquirer knows anything?
    Where’s Charlie Angus??

  2. robins111 Says:

    I used to believe that the star was going through a phase, kinda like acne on teenagers, but this one was a corker.

    The star has reduced itself to turning the county fair best-apple-pie into front page news. I beleive the next phase will be H Malice writing about her alien abduction including probing.

    Delacourt, will be investigative reporting, the incidence of STD’s in downtown winos.

    • real conservative Says:

      If the Star started writing about alien abductions, it would have a lot more credibility and evidence to back the story than this one had.

  3. Rose Says:

    I hear Mr. Anonymous is popular with Liberal MSM, has anyone met the lad yet or is that Mrs. No Gender? I’d love to meet Sir Insider Source? Wonder if both are figments of Liberal Media’s imagination?

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