Liberal mole revealed in BC Conservative Party

Last week there was resigned Conservative Party of Canada National Director Haimish Marshall (who was deep in the confidence of BC Conservative Vice President Jeff Bridge and Fundraising Chair Jonathan Snoek) backing Liberal leadership candidate Kevin Falcon (see here).

Now today, Public Eye reports ex-BC Conservative spokesman Merv Unger sending out a letter of support for Falcon as well:

Dear Fellow B.C. Liberal

I have been following the B.C. Liberal party leadership race with great interest and have come to the conclusion that Kevin Falcon is the best choice to lead our party and British Columbia.

Our Central Island MLA, Ron Cantelon, has been supporting Kevin from Day One.

We have to choose the person most capable to be our next premier to lead us into the next election so we can prevent the NDP from doing more damage like they did in the 1990s.

Kevin has demonstrated he is ready to lead immediately. He has the strong support from a large contingent of the caucus and does not have to call a quick election or seek a seat in a byelection. Just today, Ida Chong, Minister of Science and Universities and Minister of Regional Economic and Skills Development, and Vancouver-Fairview MLA Dr. Margaret MacDiarmid, Minister of Education and Minister of Tourism, Trade and Investment, endorsed Kevin as their choice to lead the BC Liberal Party and become the next Premier of British Columbia.

I ask you to support Kevin, but if you have made another choice, please make Kevin the second choice on your ballot.

Thank you
Merv Unger

Unger was given the job immediately after I was stabbed in the back and removed from the Board of Directors when I disagreed with making nice-nice with Liberal MLA Blair Lekstrom (see here).

I had first heard of Unger when he emailed me:

From: Merv Unger <>
Date: 10 August 2010 19:22

Hi Dean,

I have been asked to take over communications for the B.C. Conservative party. I notice a Facebook page that nobody seems to know about and was wondering whether you might have set it up. If so, it would be most appreciated if you could forward the admin name and password so we can keep it up to date.

That is, of course, if you are the one who set up this page.


Merv Unger

To which I responded:

From: Dean Skoreyko <>
Date: 10 August 2010 20:42
To: Merv Unger <>

You’re kidding right?


Shortly after that, it was reported (again by Public Eye) that Unger had supported the HST (see here) which raised a big red flag.

Just think about all that information Marshall and (especially) Unger had/have in their possession that is now in the hands of the Liberals.

Also: See more Liberal connections to BC Con VP Jeff Bridge here


Liberal’s on-line Bev Oda petition: 219 people signed

Even with the Globe and Mail’s Jane Taber pimping (see here) the Liberals lame on-line “Bev Oda must resign” petition, there has been only 219 people signing it as of today as of 9:50 AM PST according to its own the counter. (see here)

Think the Liberals will be taking Andrew Potter’s advice (see here)?

Macleans’ Potter advising Liberals push for election over Oda affair

Andrew Potter should maybe get out of the Ottawa bubble once in a while and try talking with average Canadians:

“1. They declare: Either Oda goes or we go to the polls. If Oda goes, then they get a scalp.

2. If Oda stays, they declare they will vote non-confidence in the government at every opportunity from now on.”

His anti-Conservative bias has fogged-up his brain if he thinks the Bev Oda saga is resonating throughout the nation and that the streets are filled with people carrying pitchforks and torches. (see here)

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