Did CSIS keep track of Stephen Harper?

In what could be very explosive if proven to be true, Brian Lilley reports that 2 former CSIS agents say it is possible that a file was created on PM Stephen Harper during his early Reform days.

“When the Reform Party arrived on the picture it was fairly new, fairly shocking for Eastern Canada in particular because we didn’t understand that movement coming from the West,” said former intelligence officer Michel Juneau-Katsuya. (see here)


BC Rail: Prostitution, drug deals, bribes and kickbacks

Thankfully one of the top BC political pundits isn’t plugging his ears, shutting his eyes and yelling la, la, la allowing the Liberal players to get off the hook on the BC Rail case. (see here)

In comparison, we’ve had the disgraceful cover-up for the Liberals by the Vancouver Sun’s editors (see here) who are doing their best to deceive the public on BC’s biggest ever scandal and the whitewash jobs from the Globe and Mail’s Mark Hume (see here), CTV’s Jim Beatty (see here) and the Canadian Press (see here).

Unbelievably, even Michael Campbell (Gordon Campbell’s brother) was paired up with Beatty on CKNW and allowed to give his obvious biased views.

How far will journalists be willing go to protect this Liberal government while at the same time damaging their professional reputations?

For a refutation of these fish-tales, check out Alex Tsakumis’ blog who not only rips apart these flimsy cover stories, but also alleges that Hume and Beatty were given documents in advance by the prosecutors. (see here)


Green’s brainiacs allow “distinct” Quebec wing

In a desperate bid to become a player in Quebec, the Green Party is forming a separate wing with official spokespeople for the 10 regions.

You couldn’t create a situation more fraught with risk of infighting over power/control not to mention trying to get everyone rowing the same direction which is paramount for any party’s success.

Think about a national campaign where you have a leader running around the country saying one thing and 10 fiefdom lords all saying something else pandering to locals.

It’s a recipe for disaster which I can’t wait to see blow up in the face of Elizabeth May. (see here)

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