Iggy’s $1100 Laurie Club “Working Families” tour function

I just received an email showing Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff attending an event which really shows how out of touch and hypocritical the Liberals are:

This is who Count Ignatieff defines as working-class Canadian families.


How media spin positive story into anti-Conservative angle

Instead of focusing on the numbers of and types of convicts being denied parole, Glen McGregor’s piece for Postmedia is all about who is being appointed to these parole boards and their Conservative connections.

McGregor bizarrely admits that the small donations (ie $250) made by some of the appointees hardly show a pattern of political payback but that doesn’t stop him from still carrying on in this direction.

McGregor lists their Conservative “connections” and either glosses over their credentials or doesn’t bother mentioning them at all.

Case in point:

“• Patricia Haasbeek is the wife of a former adviser in Toews’ Winnipeg office. She was named a full-time member in 2007 with a salary now pegged at $117,600 to $138,400.”

A quick Google search shows Haasbeek’s resume posted on the Public Safety website:

“Patricia Haasbeek of Winnipeg, Manitoba has eighteen years experience working in the Manitoba Correctional and Justice System. She is currently a probation officer responsible for managing high risk offenders. She is also managing a very specialized caseload of sex trade workers. Mrs. Haasbeek has an extensive knowledge and experience with domestic violence issues. In 1999-2000, she headed the transition team for the development and implementation of the domestic violence unit at Headingley Correctional Centre. In 1994-1995, she assisted in piloting and revising the first long-term domestic violence program for the province of Manitoba.

Mrs. Haasbeek has a certificate in criminology from the Red River Community College and is currently attending the Canadian Institute of Management and Administration at the University of Manitoba.”

Pretty darn impressive looking dontcha think? (see here)

Good news in Oda mess is exposure of Kairos

Without getting back into the Bev Oda “not” cock-up, one of the best things for us that go ape with these types of NGOs like Kairos being taxpayer-funded and Conservative politicians too scared to take them head-on, is that Kairos is now being scrutinized much closer.

The hard-core Conservative partisans aren’t going to like what these have to say about Oda in these links but ignore that for now and concentrate on the Kairos exposure portions:

Toronto Star’s Rosie DiManno who has written on the de-funding before (see here) goes after them again here

Toronto Sun editorial here

Brian Lilley here

For further reading on Kairos and other NGOs, check out the website NGO Monitor which does a great job of listing Kairos’ activities here


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