CBC’s VoteCompass creator was on Iggy’s leadership team

Oh oh…now how will the CBC defend their Liberal-skewed (see here) voter preference “survey tool” now?

Update: Here’s the name of the guy and NP story link to his Iggy leadership involvement.

Media hasn’t mentioned 2 things about Greens in debate


In all the coverage of the decision to not allow Elizabeth May into the leaders TV debates, how is it possible that no one in the Ottawa Press Gallery has reported on these two issues?

1) Why would it take until the election for the TV consortium (CBC, CTV, Global, Radio-Canada and TVA) to decide on the debate rules? This exact same issue came up in 2008 so no one can claim to have been taken unaware about the need for firm rules.

2) Why has no one in the media mentioned that MP Blair Wilson (who was kicked out of Liberal caucus) “joined” the Green Party which then gave May the necessary MP to take part in 2008?

May: “I am grateful for Mr. Wilson’s principled belief that the Green Party deserves a voice in Parliament and for his firm commitment to democracy. With a Green MP sitting in the House of Commons, it will now be impossible to exclude the Green Party from the televised leaders’ debates in the next election.”

It wouldn’t be because all this creates great exposure for the Green Party and the TV debate now would it?

Ex-MP John Cummins new BC Conservative leader

Congratulations to recent Conservative MP John Cummins on today’s acclamation as leader of the BC Conservative Party.

I’m not thrilled about him being the only candidate for the leadership but that blame rests on the parties brainiacs like president Wayne McGrath, Randy White and VP Jeff Bridge and doesn’t reflect poorly at all on Cummins. A good race would have brought much needed new members to the party not to mention a lot of desirable media coverage.

Anyway, now for the hard work…getting money, candidates and decent party policy in place with two issues being front and center.

1) Cummins needs a better answer for why he voted for the HST as a MP and why he doesn’t support the way the Liberals implemented it.

2) The vote-splitting question which the Liberals and their friendly media cohorts are already playing up. An example of that can be found here

Good luck to Cummins and he has my 100% support for what it is worth.

Media-driven election faux-scandals

Let’s compare how the media have treated comparable issues between the Conservatives and the opposition parties during the election so far:

1) Coalition

The media allow Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe to call Stephen Harper a liar in regards to the 2004 agreement signed but look the other way when proof that Layton’s and Duceppe’s stories have both changed since then (see here)

2) Shelly Glover

Conservative MP Shelly Glover makes an innocent “passed her expiry date” comment about Lib MP Anita Neville who then runs whining to media about “ageism” and along with CARP’s Susan Eng both obediently jump on Glover. (see here)

Now compare that reaction to the silence on the Green’s Elizabeth May’s comment about not be allowed into the debate due to “the old boys’ club” (see here)

3) Conservative campaign worker

Sebastien Togneri who is under an RCMP investigation for asking FOI requests to be “un-released” was outed by the media for putting up signs for Ryan Hastman in Edmonton. (see here)

Meanwhile Michael Ignatieff has a criminally charged MP running for re-election and the media doesn’t whisper a word. (see here)

There you have 3 direct contrasts on how the Ottawa Press Gallery handles and even pushes anti-Conservative issues and the hands-off method used for the opposition parties.

New conservative website to check out

I am a huge advocate of building a conservative network across Canada based on the formula which Stephen Harper and John Weissenberger established prior to the formulation of the Reform Party with their “Blue Tory Network”. In short, the idea was to link conservative-minded people and activists throughout Canada.

One of the best ways to do this today is with blog sites and conservative based websites such as www.bluecanada.ca created by Blogging Tories co-founder Craig Smith.

It’s just getting up-and-running but has a cool forum for members and once the article, video and photo sections get filled, it will be a great site for source material.

Please check it out.

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