Iggy equates Harper to Charlie Sheen

In one of the year’s lamest contrived lines, CPAC quotes Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff  saying:

“PM’s answers on Elections Canada charges make him the “Charlie Sheen of Cdn democracy”. (see here)

First, what does that even mean and secondly, I’ll be willing to bet Iffy didn’t even know who Sheen was until it was all explained to him today.

Seriously…this is from a guy who tucks his shirt into his underwear.


Liberal premier Clark’s anti-Harper quotes

Maybe John Reynolds should have read up on some of Christy Clark’s thoughts on PM Stephen Harper before opening his mouth in support of her (see here).

“Harper is an Albertan with deep roots in the oil patch and free enterprise. He may have underestimated public concern about climate change, because he doesn’t share it.” (Christy Clark, November 2006)

“The Harper government’s irresponsible plan to dump our Kyoto commitments is no laughing matter.” (Christy Clark, November 2006)

“The Conservatives are doing an absolutely pitiful job keeping the country together. I just don’t know what Harper is thinking. Can he think? I’m not sure…” (Christy Clark, December 2008)

“Compromise is not exactly Stephen Harper’s middle name. He desperately wants more Conservative MPs so he can fundamentally change Canada without having to consult everyone and his dog.” (Christy Clark, December 2007)

My guess is that he already knew about them though.

h/t Alex Tsakumis for the quotes and who does a nice run-down on how the federal Conservatives will be keeping a short leash on Clark here

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