Bev Oda staying silent is embarrassing

It’s ludicrous for a government minister to not be the one answering questions directed at them in the House of Commons.

Reporter: But is she unhealthy or something now? Is there some reason that she can’t respond to direct questions on her portfolio?

Baird: No, as Leader of the Government in the House of Commons, I have been responding to that issue.

Reporter: Why is that? Isn’t that her purview?

Baird: That’s an operational decision we’ve made.

If Harper has no confidence in Oda to speak for herself then what the heck is she doing being a minister in the first place?


“Senior Liberal MP” pops up calling for Iggy’s head

Love how it’s the same people in the media who get these anonymous “insiders” quotes.

“The party feels like it is on the waiting list for a head transplant”

This wouldn’t be anyone connected to Bob Rae now would it? (see here)

More on Iggy’s lame Charlie Sheen/Harper quote

The full text of Michael Ignatieff’s equation of PM Stephen Harper to Charlie Sheen shows just how lamely contrived it really was:

“Can I just say something about the Prime Minister’s response to these – my questions about the in-and-out scandal. These guys have been accused of illegal activity.  The prosecutor would not launch a prosecution unless there was substantial evidence of illegality. The Prime Minister gets up in the House and says, oh, it’s a kind of little administrative difficulty, right?  It’s an administrative difficulty.  I mean this guy will try and say anything.  He’s like the Charlie Sheen of Canadian democracy. I mean it’s ridiculous.”

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