Toronto Star flips out about term “Harper Government”

Bruce Cheadle from the Toronto Star goes ape about a directive that went out last year implementing the usage of “Harper Government” in federal communications here.

Kinda odd for Cheadle to get his panties in a bunch over this when his own paper uses the same term as well. (see here)

My guess is that Cheadle doesn’t like that the Conservatives have swung what the media try to use as a negative into a positive.


Iggy’s lame quotes: First Charlie Sheen now Judge Judy

After comparing PM Stephen Harper to Charlie Sheen (see here), we now get this gem from Michael Ignatieff:

And I just say on this in-and-out scandal, the Prime Minister has spent two days defending the indefensible.  This is not a minor administrative dispute.  This is about a fraud of $800,000 of taxpayers’ money, illegal refunds of $800,000 coming out of the taxpayer’s hide and also going over the election spending limit by one million dollars.  So this is not small stuff.  And now these guys are saying – the Prime Minister’s saying he’s going to appeal.  I don’t who he’s going to appeal to — you know, Judge Judy?  I mean, you know, they’ve run out of road.

Except maybe the Supreme Court Iffy…

He has to be coming up with these nuggets himself right as no one could possibly be paid to come up with this tripe?

Liberal MP’s own little in-and-out scheme exposed

Check out this paragraph from the Liberal Party’s website from a fundraising function billed as the “1st Annual Martha Hall Findlay Dinner in Willowdale”:

“Tickets are $200 and the donation portion* will be directed to LPC for Martha Hall Findlay. If you have already donated the maximum amount allowed to a past leadership candidate, your donation will be directed to the Willowdale Federal Liberal Association”

Well, well, what do we have here? This wouldn’t be an illegal attempt at circumventing financing laws now would it by someone who so piously denounced the Conservatives? (see here)

h/t Wilson

Sun’s Akin makes idiotic Sponsorship scandal comparision

I was never happy with the in-and-out policy which the Conservatives used to maximize their election spending but for David Akin to say it is the same as the Liberal’s Sponsorship theft is stupid.

The Cons bent the rules and you might agree it was unprincipled, but it is hardly the same thing as bribes, payoffs and brown paper bags of money being handed out in restaurants.

Akin should give his head a shake…(see here)

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