BC Conservatives prove themselves inept and delusional

The brainiacs at the BC Conservative Party are at it again with their idiotic and unprincipled belief that wooing a pro-HST Liberal MLA into the fold is the best way to break into power.

They are now 0-3 (Blair Lekstrom, Bill Bennett and John van Dongen) in these lame attempts and are too dumb to realize how desperate they look and how much egg is all over their collective faces.

Keep in mind that this is being done by “TAG Chair” Randy White who has absolutely no proper authority to do this on behalf of the party except by the OK of President Wayne McGrath and that even the party’s communication person is clueless about what he is doing.

Case in point:

The person who does the social media brought a knife to a gun fight by saying I didn’t have my facts correct about the BC Cons talking to van Dongen:

My jaw dropped when I read this, as the “conspiracy” info came from Michael Smyth who is one of the top political writers in the province.

van Dongen: “BC Conservatives have already been on the phone to me, but I told them I’m not going anywhere” (see here)

After being asked where I found it, I sent along the link and included the Bennett quote source just in case Google was too hard to figure out. (see here)


Busted: NDP MP staff using office for partisan event

There was a great media hoopla yesterday over a fundraising letter sent out on Jason Kenney’s ministerial letterhead “exposed” by the drama queen himself NDP MP Pat Martin who acquired it after it was mistakenly sent to NDP MP Linda Duncan. NDP leader Jack Layton has even called for Kenney’s resignation. (see here)

Now, file this under hypocrisy as staff for Duncan were caught using her office for a partisan re-election event by the ever intrepid blogger Alberta Ardvark back on Feb 10th but of course NDP leader Jack Layton didn’t sack Duncan then did he? (see here)

Also: Make sure you read the comment section in this Ardvark post as the staff in question responds to him there.

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