BC Conservatives prove themselves inept and delusional

The brainiacs at the BC Conservative Party are at it again with their idiotic and unprincipled belief that wooing a pro-HST Liberal MLA into the fold is the best way to break into power.

They are now 0-3 (Blair Lekstrom, Bill Bennett and John van Dongen) in these lame attempts and are too dumb to realize how desperate they look and how much egg is all over their collective faces.

Keep in mind that this is being done by “TAG Chair” Randy White who has absolutely no proper authority to do this on behalf of the party except by the OK of President Wayne McGrath and that even the party’s communication person is clueless about what he is doing.

Case in point:

The person who does the social media brought a knife to a gun fight by saying I didn’t have my facts correct about the BC Cons talking to van Dongen:

My jaw dropped when I read this, as the “conspiracy” info came from Michael Smyth who is one of the top political writers in the province.

van Dongen: “BC Conservatives have already been on the phone to me, but I told them I’m not going anywhere” (see here)

After being asked where I found it, I sent along the link and included the Bennett quote source just in case Google was too hard to figure out. (see here)


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  1. Billy Says:

    Wow, quite the vitriol there……………..very surprised and disappointed in your shallow rhetoric.

  2. Alain Says:

    I must admit to finding this more than a little discouraging, since it leaves me with a total lack of an acceptable alternative to the BC Libs, BC NDP or BC Greens. I have always voted in every election, provincial or federal, believing it to be my civic obligation. Many times, in fact most times, I regretted there was not a ‘None of the above’ option. Now I suspect that for the first time, I shall not vote since none of the existing parties are acceptable.

  3. Alan Forseth Says:

    I guess I have to agree with Billy … seems what could likely have been a couple of casual conversations to test the waters have been blown out of proportion.

    “BC Cons” talked to Van Dongen … well of course several likely did considering he seemed lukewarm at best to a Christy Clark win.

    Ditto for Bennett … there are likely a very large number of people that have spoken, or emailed him, with him regards his political future. After all, has “BC Blue” forgotten that Bennett himself welcomed and courted the comments of people as to where and what his future should be?

    This really does seem to me to be much ado about nothing … and trying to create conspiracy out of thin air.

    • BC Blue Says:

      You’re an old Reformer aren’t you Alan? What are your thoughts of being called an “angry redneck” by your party’s Official Spokesman? Real smart communications huh?

      • alan forsetyh Says:

        People do say things they regret at times and wish they had not spoken; I will guess that even includes you BC Blue.

        What I find interesting is that you, along with someone that writes in a similar style, never seem to directly answer the questions posed to them — or the statements made when some one questions what they have written.

        Again, given the statements and positions of both Bill Bennett and John van Dongen, I think most people would not be surprised that a number of people would have spoken and talked to them regarding their political future.

        • BC Blue Says:

          Always fun recognizing a blind apologist especially when they are the ones being ridiculed. Do go away now please as you BC Con stalkers are creepily tiring.

  4. Politicallly Engaged Says:

    “BC Conservatives prove themselves inept and delusional”

    BC Blue:
    I’m afraid that you can add “deceptional” to that, as at the time of the anti-HST rallies that were held across BC in September, 2009, by FightHST, which was fronted by Vander Zalm, and organized by Delaney and NDP operative, Bill Tieleman, new members were attracted to the BC Con Party, because they were led to believe that the Party was AGAINST the proposed HST. However, later, when I learned that retired MP’s such as Randy White and others, were directly involved with the BC Con Party, I knew something didn’t add up, as in order for the proposed tax reform (HST) to be in force and effect in BC, the federal government had to pass the enabling legislation.

    Due to my involvement with FightHST, I witnessed enough political deception practiced by operatives, politicians and wanna-be politicians of ALL stripes, to last me the rest of my days! I am a politically-engaged person and the experience clearly showed me that none of the political opportunists appeared to be “for the people”. I recall that the Green Party Leader was invited to the anti-HST rally in Vancouver but apparently declined. It seems to be that it took a while for the Green Party to even take a position on the proposed tax reform. Makes one want to rush out and vote!

    I could understand Lekstrom’s decision to resign, as Vander Zalm & Delaney had started their BC town halls in March 2010 in the North and between them and the NDP organizers up there, he probably figured that he should play it safe, or be a recall target.

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