Quebec Separatist mayor says no arena “political suicide” for Cons

I point out that Quebec City Mayor Regis Labeaume is a Separatist as the media seems to be avoiding that fact when quoting his anti-Conservative rants. The latest is this piece by the Canadian Press about Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Josee Verner. (see here)

Many politicians sure would like to have the same “problems” that Verner has…check out her election totals below which we are always being told is a place where Conservatives are going to be wiped out.


Media sure has short memories on cult-of-personality PMs

Toronto Star’s Thomas Walkom on PM Stephen Harper:

“He dominates his government in a way no other Canadian prime minister has ever been able to do” (see here)

Good grief…funny how Walkom conveniently forgets about the guy pictured above huh?

Globe’s Simpson gives Liberals free ad space

Since the Liberal Party can’t afford to keep up with the Conservatives in TV advertising, Jeffery Simpson apparently decided to do help them out. (see here)

What does a prime section of the Globe and Mail the size of a Simpson column go for nowadays I wonder?

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