Who is behind anti-Harper website?

I’m always curious about who is behind political websites such as this anti-Harper one here especially when they ask for donations.

The only contact info that I could find was an address listed here for receiving cheques which after Googling it, led me to this artist gallery website here.

Again, there was no one person’s contact info on this website just a list of artisans:

Thomas Aitken
Rick Biggs
John Boorman
Valerie Davidson
Murray Finn
Susan Fisher
Patti Fontaine
Stephanie Ford Forrester
Lillian Forester
Gail Hancock
Jennifer Henry
David J. Hickey
Kate Hyde
Ralph Ingleton
Sheila Laidlaw-Radford
Taylor Ledden
Jim Lorriman
Tara Marsh
Bill Reddick
Rosslyn Reed
Mark Salusbury
David Thai
Nick Van Bakel
Vince Way-Nee
Suzanne Woods
Jane Wilson
Kelly Winsa

Curious if they know that they are being linked to a group which advocates donating to the Bloq Party?

After a little more searching, I found a literary festival brochure thanking the gallery owner Lexy Cameron who also runs this anti-Conservative website Catch 22 Harper Conservatives which lists nutbar Murray Dobbin as their political strategist and other loonie lefties (see here) like Kathleen O’Hara who was an ex-CBC producer and Canadian Action Party Communications Director under party founder and UFO kook, Paul Hellyer. Hellyer was previously a Liberal defence minister.

Love to hear from anyone else who may have more information on this group.


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  1. Rose Says:

    Send the information to Revenue Canada, if they are asking for donations surely they have a charitable license and a tax number?

    • zaphod Says:

      My name is Erik. I’m an admin on Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper. Come, ask all the question you have about us, our incorporation, donations and any education you need in regards to the most corrupt party in Canadian history, Harper’s Cons. We are a fair bunch and and we listen, please, come.

  2. Cecil Palmerston Says:

    Fishing for around for dirt for some more good old fashioned character assassination?

  3. fern hill Says:

    I’m a member. You wanna stalk me?

  4. Edmund Onwards James Says:

    I checked the Catch 22 Harper Conservatives website and it is cheesy. The artists likely are artisans, which means their art is not up there with artists. They might sell some but…

    I was thinking of signing up but i would only last one comment or posting since I am a Harperite. And at times a hard-ass conservative to the far right when it comes to the Islamists and your everyday criminal.

  5. Graham Oliver Says:

    I’m a member. Wanna make something out of it?

  6. Gabby in QC Says:

    I believe there’s also this guy, Joel Klebanoff, http://www.joelklebanoff.com/about.html
    who is listed under their members’ blogs.

    And then there’s C.R.U.S.H.

  7. Jim Scott Says:

    Getting worried are you Dean that dear leader and the Harper scum government is gonna fall? And just like the rest of your ilk you go digging for possible dirt on people. So typical of you Harper worshippers to try to discredit those who call him out for what he is – an out and out liar, cheat, fraudster and psuedo-christian. Oh, and did I mention. most undemocratic PM in the entire history of Canada.

    Well there are 6,000 of us behind CRUSH. That should keep you busy digging for info for a while.

    Proud CRUSH supporter,

    Jimmy S.

    • Peter Says:

      “psuedo-christian”? What the heck is that?

      By the way, CRUSH’s 6000 represents a hair over 1% of the Canadian population…which is about the percentage of the Canadian population that has a Bipolar Disorder. Coincidence?

    • joshua Says:

      Really? The Canadian Action Party are a bunch of kooks who believed that the US govt was behind the 9/11 attacks and ultimately jews were responsible.Ive asked many folks from a wide range of backgrounds , and no one heard of the Canadian Action Party.
      You and the Left have cried wolf once too often.Expect tough questions and we shall see if your organization can cut the mustard.

  8. Steve Says:

    A quick CIRA whois search resulted in:
    WHOIS search results
    Domain name: unseatharper.ca
    Domain name status: auto-renew grace
    Creation date: 2010/02/09
    Expiry date: 2012/02/09
    Updated date: 2011/02/28
    Registrar name: Go Daddy Domains Canada, Inc
    Registrar number: 2316042
    Registrant name: Canadians Defending Democracy
    Administrative contact
    Name: Joel Klebanoff
    Postal address: BOX 1067
    Lakefield ON K0L2H0 Canada
    Phone: +1.4169246510
    Email: joel@klebanoff.com
    Technical contact
    Name: Joel Klebanoff
    Postal address: BOX 1067
    Lakefield ON K0L2H0 Canada
    Phone: +1.4169246510
    Email: joel@klebanoff.com

    Which in turn led to a Google search of Joel Klebanoff and a brief samplings of return resulted in:
    http://www.joelklebanoff.com/ – not much there except about how he is trying to be funny

    http://www.klebanoff.com/ – not much there except about how he is trying to be communicative

    http://scottdiatribe.canflag.com/2010/05/10/c-r-u-s-h-has-the-conservatives-attention/ – you’ll have to scroll down to find his comments but if you are too busy here it is:
    Joel Klebanoff
    May 10, 2010 at 7:36 pm
    I’m one of the organizing team at C.R.U.S.H. and I found it hilarious that we are being called a radical group. I don’t think anyone has ever referred to me as radical without guffawing hysterically. I’m among the most timid and moderate of people on this planet.

    I’m with C.R.U.S.H. because I think the Harper Government has repeatedly acted in an anti-democratic manner and, therefore, deserves to be democratically unseated. If that makes me a radical, then so be it.

    The source page has a link to the ite you have mentioned and to their facebook page.

    • Cheryl Says:

      I find this disgraceful!! I followed a link on a tweet to find you trying to dig up dirt on your fellow Canadians who are only exercising their democratic rights.

      It is unconsciounable of you to post his personal information and phone number! You are inviting people to harrass him! Is this how we Canadians are supposed to treat each other? Would it be okay if someone were to find out the same information about this website and post it? Do you have no decency?

      What ever happened to debating the issues?

      And btw, it’s okay to be a conservative and not be happy with what Steven Harper has done to the democratic process. This is not the conservative party that I remember or was a part of.

      I am a proud Canadian first!

  9. Ontario Girl Says:

    When I see X CBC anyone or thing, that does it for me. They are out gun hoe , down in the trenches for the flailing Coalition parties, in full panic mode, and are even in the loop with Elections Canada. When any Canadian looks at the CBC , its obvious they are fighting tooth and nail, for their survival. They can’t even report truthfully about the speaker Milliken ruling honestly, so i don’t expect anything of integrety from that bunch. Truly undemocratic and pathetic, to say the least.If the CBC would stop fighting the access to information on themselves, we may find out what they are up to, but i am not holding my breath on that one. As they say, how can the little guy fight the power of the .(especially when they gang up with out & out lies, halftruths and downright libal.)

  10. Steve Says:

    oh btw – C.R.U.S.H. -Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper maybe conservatives should organize L.I.A.R. – Liberals Intending to Avoid Reality

  11. Jim Scott Says:

    Been checking you out too Deano. Lots of interesting stuff worth twittering -your connection with good ol’ Doug Finley for example -the newly charged *in and out* scammer. You hardly have the squeaky clean image to give you the right to start defaming others -no doubt they are paying you big bucks to put crap out there. Too bad, Canadians are wising up to you Con aka reform artists. We’ll soon have you out on your sorry asses
    And too bad you lost the election in 2009. You would have fitted in so well in the Harper regime – uneducated, ignorant, little worms, the whole lot of you. And so controlled by big daddy -you are such a bunch of weaklings.

    • Steve Says:

      Jim Scott, you are an idiot. Dean is very open and honest about his political involvement, quote:
      2006 President Okanagan-Shuswap EDA
      2001-05 Vice President Okanagan-Shuswap EDA
      2004 Harper Leadership Okanagan Campaign Chair
      2004-05 Regional Organizer BC Interior
      And you know where I found this deeply buried information?
      On this site. Good work Lavrenty Beria.

    • Alberta girl Says:

      Jim ..have a few anger issues, do you.

      I just have yo laugh at your idiocy!!!

    • Frank Says:

      You would have fitted in so well in the Harper regime – uneducated, ignorant, little worms, the whole lot of you. And so controlled by big daddy -you are such a bunch of weaklings.

      You sound pretty educated yourself Jim … art history? english literature? sociology? psychology? philosophy? film? Latin? I bet some useless ******** like that. Most professionals are Conservatives … hate to rain on your delusion bud.

    • joshua Says:

      I hate to break it to you ,but thats not what i see in the wild aka the public.Take a real hard look at the landscape of the country. Theres a new generation of canadians taking the reins of OUR country.Liberals and Conservatives are getting called to the mat and you dont like it.What wrong, the light on spending too bright?
      Enjoy the economic stimulus while you can because the taps are going to turned off soon or at the very least closely scrutinized.

  12. Amber Waves Says:

    If the Conservatives spent as much time properly investigating their own appointed ministers and doing their jobs, as opposed to using taxpayer money to promote racist/sexist/homophobic agendas and dictatorial actions, such as the rebranding of the goverment to belonging to Harper’s useless self, maybe they would have an actual majority government. Just sayin’.

    • Steve Says:

      Amber, as a lesbian women of colour who is prone to be overly pushy and rude I find your comments quite offensive! Why don’t you attack me for my atheism and physical disability next. Just sayin’.

    • BC Blue Says:

      We are too busy reading boot-legged copies of Mein Kampf which we secretly pass around the interwebs dontcha know?

  13. stephen p Says:

    Who are they? I have no idea but I thought PapPal would like to be aware they may be aiding and abetting possible improper solicitation of funds pursuant to the Canada Elections Act. – see note below –

    PayPal Security (spoof@paypal.com)

    Re: Canadians Defending Democracy Inc. & “unseatharper.ca” website (Possible Contravention of the Canada Elections Act)

    This website is asking for donations through Paypal but gives no information relating to a contact email address or site sponsor. The PayPal handle is “unseatharper.ca” which is insufficient information for anyone wishing to make a donation as Paypal requires either an email address or mobile telephone number.

    Considerable personal information about the person donating to “unseatharper.ca” is given to the recipient and operator of the “unseatharper.ca” website if a donation is made through Paypal. Absence of comparable information regarding the recipient of such donations raises the spectre of improper solicitation of funds via the internet.

    Further, donations are solicited on the “unseatharper.ca” website for a number of registered Canadian political parties, an activity if conducted anonymously is a direct contravention of Section 404.4 of the Canada Elections Act if such donations exceed $20. The “unseatharper.ca” website makes no representation that it is registered as a political action group or party pursuant to the Canada Elections Act and is in contravention of the Act by conducting fund raising activities for express political purposes.

    I believe Paypal should suspend the donation link for “unseatharper.ca” until such time as a proper email address and personal contact information is provided to the donor and the website expressly states that it is registered to conduct such fund raising activities under the Canada Elections Act.

    Otherwise, PayPal is possibly exposing itself to having contributed to improper solicitation of funds via the internet and also possibly inadvertently aiding and abetting a political fundraising operation that is in contravention with the Canada Elections Act.

    Yours truly,

  14. Skinny Says:

    Yeah I heard conservatives always like those who dare disagree know they “know where they live”.

  15. Jim Scott Says:

    What, not publishing my comments? People who live in glass houses Deano….

  16. ridenrain Says:

    So where does that money go? Surely not to Liberal leadership candidates because they never have to pay that money back.

  17. don muntean Says:

    I looked at the site and especially the points about the NDP/Liberal coalition – they sure try to spin it that it was undemocratic of Stephen Harper to fight it! What crap!

    Again we can see that the lies and fear mongering are more important than facts and truth.

    If the Conservatives have no ‘moral authority’ to govern – after taking 143 seats vs. 77 for the Liberals and 37 for the NDP – who then – has the MOST ‘moral authority’ to govern?

    If Canadians were leaning toward a coalition – we would not see such a disparity in the seats taken by each party!

    As for “hypocrisy” – the Liberals and the NDP are the most hypocritical of all them – as was truthfully noted by Stepehen Harper – when they were courting separatists for their coalition!

    Whomever is behind this website is pathetically disingenuous….should some ‘unknown’ persons make a website detailing the ‘factual’ NDP and Liberal shortcomings?

    There was a time that I didn’t support the Conservatives and Stephen Harper – then I realized that I was buying into the false propaganda that is pushed by the NDP and the Liberals.

    While I do not agree with everything that our CPC government does – I agree with MORE than NOT.

    I can point at the Liberals with something that really bespeaks their lack of ‘moral authority’ – their amendments to HRDC.

    Some us us recall the Liberal way…how in the 90’s Paul Martin and his boss gutted HRDC with amendments changing ‘UI’ into ‘EI’.

    Thus the federal Liberals KNOWINGLY created a bureaucratic nightmare – for middle class blue collar workers.

    In doing this the Liberal government quickly amassed a huge 20 billion dollar surplus within the EI fund – which they then diverted into general revenue.

    Paul Martin didn’t balance the books by his economic genius – he and his Liberals stole food and shelter from the working poor – from the unemployed.

    Lastly, what has the federal CPC done that is so bad that there is a lack of accountability? Didn’t keep a few campaign promises?

    Was there ever accountability of any kind before the Conservatives introduced an accountability act? Bill C-2 was at least an effort to do ‘something’ that former governments failed to do.

    I agree that there needs to be a further broadening of this novel concept of accountability and transparency in government. We need to see departments and their managers be made accountable to the public for their use and abuse of discretionary powers. As noted Bill C-2 is an opening…

    There is talk that under Harper there is less of these – especially transparency – while there have been some occasions where this appears to have been happening – I would remind everyone that the culture of bureaucratic secrecy is nothing new and certainly not a Conservative anomaly!

    In Harper’s defense I would say that he runs a tight ship as it were and at times that means appearing less transparent. We need only be peripherally concerned.

  18. Frances Says:

    Doesn’t the Elections Act ban on advertising only apply during an actual election? If so, then these guys can solicit and spend beforehand without restraint, save that of their donation base. Likewise, CRA would only come into the picture if the group were giving ‘charitable’ receipts, for which it would have to be a registered charity.

  19. Karenv Says:

    I think you all have too much time on your hands. Check me out, too, why don’t you?

    I find it interesting that you think there’s something shaky going on on the sites you cite being that your Harper government has, today, been proven to be…well, I’ll just say “dishonest.” I can’t imagine what you each tell yourselves in order to believe his is a good government and he is an honourable man.

  20. goody Says:

    Well said Don Muntean!!!

  21. Bec Says:

    So what is this? A valid question is asked and the frightening attacks occur?
    With most of them, I’d e-mail to the RCMP. Extremely threatening and very telling about the type of people that latch on to this organization. Basement Bullies!

  22. Gabby in QC Says:

    For the paranoid who fear they’re being stalked or harbour other delusions …
    BC Blue doesn’t need me to defend him or explain why he’s wondering about this group but it is a legitimate question he’s asking.

    Is this a foreign organization, like Avaaz, interfering in Canadian affairs? Like Robert Kennedy, spreading misleading information about Canada? Or is this organization similar to the ones mentioned by Vivian Krause in some of her articles?

    From the Canada Elections Act:
    “Prohibition – inducements by non-residents
    331. No person who does not reside in Canada shall, during an election period, in any way induce electors to vote or refrain from voting or vote or refrain from voting for a particular candidate unless the person is
    (a) a Canadian citizen; or
    (b) a permanent resident within the meaning of subsection 2(1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.”

    If it is a Canadian organization, did it register with Elections Canada as a “third party”? Is it complying with all regulations?

  23. Skeena Sage Williamson Says:

    Oh, FFS, why don’t you boobs do your research before you spew on the interwebs?

    Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper was actually officially incorporated earlier this year under the name Canadians Defending Democracy (you can’t form a corporation with a person’s name in it, so that’s why it’s not “Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper” — fair enough.)

    So here we are. We, as a democracy-loving group, have gone to great lengths to find out what we can and cannot do legally. We have made a point of doing everything we can do to state our views while staying within Canadian law. We are not afraid of your threats to ask Paypal to alert Elections Canada (how pathetic).

    We have learned that we can do certain things now outside of an election period, but that when the writ is dropped we have new requirements to report on our activities. Ok, good. We are doing all of that.

    So, how goes your smear campaign against us? What have we done wrong?

    After all, our bottom line is that we are in favour of getting Canadian citizens out to vote, and we are in favour of their voting democratically in support of parties that support democracy.


    • BC Blue Says:

      A non-share capital corporation falls within the Canadian Corporations Act and has very specific rules and regulations including the liability of directors.

      Who are your Board of Directors as that information is not on the website as well?

  24. Jim Scott Says:

    And Deano says stuffily in his most pompous voice *I’ll be looking into that tomorrow with Elections Canada. Seems odd that a 3rd party can collect money to specifically campaign against a party and not be registered.*

    We got it covered buddy, but go ahead and waste your time. And while you’re at it, please check into your friend Doug’s *in and out* shenanigans. Pure fraud there for sure. And after that I’d love to know exactly how much of my tax money is being spent on those ridiculous action plan ads. So much money, so many signs -all made in the US, not even job creation for Canadians.

    Millions and millions spent by these crazy spending Harper Reformers who just keep driving us deeper into debt while continuing to line the pockets of their corporate friends with tax cuts. Oh yes, that would be you guys of course. No wonder you are getting desperate and starting to stalk us -might lose those perks post-election eh?.

    Well, better get back to crushing Harper. I’ve wasted too much time here already, and it smells funny.

    Keep a cool tool eh? 😉

    • Alberta Girl Says:

      So Jim, sweetie – I assume that YOU are also looking at the many examples of liberals and ndp and bloc and green party members who DID EXACTLY THE SAME THING, right???

      Yeah..thought not.

      Good luck with your smear campaign – after all you need to keep that trough full.

      • Jim Scott Says:

        Hey Alberta gal, how come the party of honesty, transparency and accountability can only ever say *well they did it too*? Is that your Albertan values coming through -just like Harpers? My my, such weak non-responses. The whole point is, your brave new coalition (gotta love those coalitions eh?) was supposed to be different. So much for that whopping great lie!

        And now THREE, count ’em THREE rulings by the speaker against this secretive, anti-democratic lying government. But no big deal. “You win some you lose some” says the big Steve-O. Tells us everything about his contemptuous, dismissive attitude towards democracy.

        Worst Prime Minister in the history of Canada and a sad footnote to the great party of Diefenbaker et al. How can real progressive conservatives stand by and watch this Reformer pretender dismantle every noble principle the party once stood for. Shame on any of you who defend this man’s words and actions. He is a bullying, amoral hypocrite and it’s time you dumped him and found someone with morals and principles to redeem your once proud party.

  25. Rural and Right Says:

    Keep on them Dean.
    This group has been spamming libellous slander such as this > http://tinyurl.com/4jr3njd
    all over face book and blogs under names such as Nadine Lumley.

  26. Rural and Right Says:

    Murray Dobbin is also part of the Council of Communists … er … I mean Canadians.

  27. joshua Says:

    As far as C.R.U.S.H goes ,i am very suspicious of any organization that has to form to stop a MINORITY leader who needs cooperation of other parties to survive.What does CRUSH bring to the table besides hatred of Conservatives?Any ideas at all that dont involve spending taxpayers money for retarded schemes?
    This isnt Libya, Egypt or the Middle East.So get those retarded notions of revolution out of your mind.Not happening here.

  28. billg Says:

    Who is behind the anti Harper website? Oh, I dunno, could be any number of the 60% of Canadians who cant stand him or the CPOC, I’m thinkin they have a right to try to get rid of Harper. And to the morons at Crush, when you got a website you allowed any single Canadian or group to investigate you, so, you cant have it both ways. Crush wants the democratic right to exist and to oust a govt they feel is secrective and undemocratic, they want the right to fling accusations and play in the political minefield but, they want to hide in annonimity and then throw slurs at whoever questions their motives. So, CRUSH, you have now become everything you hate about Stephen Harper. Im starting a website against hypocrits who think that they own a certain moral political plane but really are just the same as the other guy. This is an ugly time in Canadian politics for all sides…I had hoped better for Conservatives.

  29. R.G. Harvie Says:

    Notably absent on the register of “Third Parties” – the Suzuki Foundation.

    Who, just coincidentally, railed against Harper.

    Talk about “in/out”.. http://bit.ly/hStkGJ

    And as for the wailing of the “oppressed” here.. I don’t think Harper is perfect, I’m unhappy about the “need” to build new jails and the “get tough on crime” B.S. – it’s very reminiscent of the gun registry B.S., but he is clearly the best choice for the country, and the frantic rambling of the Harper haters is just a response to growing polls suggesting that a majority is on the horizon.

    As we saw in Wisconsin last night, the severely normal are taking back their government.

  30. Christine Says:

    Last time I checked, this was a democracy – at least it used to be. This kind of paranoia and “attack” mentality is why over 60% of Canadians don’t trust Harper et al.
    Used to be, we had politicians who actually worked together for the good of Canadians, and didn’t consider those who disagreed with their political philosophy “the enemy”.

    • Steve Says:

      Really Christine?! Or have you forgotten about all the vile and untrue statements the LPC and NDP have made about the Conservatives. Troops in the streets, hidden agenda? Ring any bells yet?
      Here’s a link in case you have forgotten:

  31. Steve Says:

    Oh ya and don’t forget this gem

  32. Steve Says:

    And the comment about working with the Bloc is rich:

  33. Gloria Says:

    Unseat Harper? He should be thrown off the planet. I was told to google, Harper delivers his Global governance plan, for Canada. Harper is a snake in the grass. He has an evil agenda. Our Constitution is ignored. Our Civil Rights and Liberties, have been taken away from us. Democracy and Freedom, is no more. We live in a dictatorship, Canadians have no rights, under the “Harper government”, as we are now supposed to call, this rotten government. Who in the hell does he think, wants to be a part of his dictatorship? He is even controlling the media. Scientists, are not allowed to publish their findings. I had three brothers, two brothers-in-law, and a sister, who served in WW11. Our young Canadian boys, were blown into fragments, so we wouldn’t have this kind of crap, in our country. Harper cheated to win, he should be forced to resign, right now!!!

    • Steve Says:

      Ya and I had to walk ten miles to school in the snow, uphills both ways!
      And give it a break with your WW2 ramblings I served in the army for 10 years under the Chretien regime and had to put up with antiquated equipment all in order to defend your right to spew your poisonous views.

      • DWMillar Says:

        Sorry to contradict, but Gloria was clearly referring to WW11. Not WWII. Or WW@. Or, the second World War. I’m not familiar with WW11, I admit.

        Gloria’s experience may be from an alternate timeline, in an alternate universe. So! Don’t judge! These kinds of things have been documented in the fine FOX program “Fringe”, so it must be possible!

        Fringe fans will have picked up on the clue Glora leaves us: “I was told to google ….”. Told by WHO, Gloria?

    • don muntean Says:

      Hi Gloria!


      Harper is a snake in the grass. He has an evil agenda. Our Constitution is ignored. Our Civil Rights and Liberties, have been taken away from us. Democracy and Freedom, is no more. We live in a dictatorship, Canadians have no rights, under the “Harper government”, as we are now supposed to call, this rotten government.


      Them are some pretty strong words!

      “Snake in the grass” – that’s a pretty intense adjective isn’t it. I would question where this level of ‘anger’ is coming from. Personal experience?

      “evil agenda” – you don’t think that the Liberals and the NDP are anti-globalization do you? You’re singling out ‘his’ government for the wrong reasons.


      Our Constitution is ignored. Our Civil Rights and Liberties, have been taken away from us…Democracy and Freedom, is no more. We live in a dictatorship, Canadians have no rights, under the “Harper government”


      Please visit my protest website and you will see that I’m well acquainted with humans rights abuses – I’m likely Canada’s most prolific human rights victim.

      My rights were trounced by an NDP government – with a Liberal government in Ottawa!

      Stephen Harper’s conservatives have NOT interfered with my right to protest online – revealing the happening to me.

      I think that I have experience that Conservatives care more about rights than Liberals and NDP:


      That is a link to my protest discussion – at a Conservative website! Read through it.

      So anyway – go figure…doesn’t fit your stereotypical conservatives – to be helping me in this way!

      When you’re going through what I’m going through – then you might understand the true nature of your comments.

      Just remember – it was an NDP government that did this heinous thing to me and it was while there was a Liberal government in Ottawa.

      The NDP have a hidden agenda! The Liberals have a hidden agenda. Ever notice how they veil their socialist infrastructures in so-called ‘for the people programs’?

      The conservatives may have an agenda too – but it’s not ‘hidden’ and it’s not ‘duplicitous’ – like that of the ‘for the people’ socialists.

      Gloria – I hope you don’t lose ‘your’ rights – at the hands of a socialist government too – if you do…remember me and my experience…

  34. TerminalSix Says:

    Oh man, I hate attack sites and ads. It’d be nice for parties to try and get elected based on their merit…. not that I’ve seen any parties with much to begin with.

  35. Nadine Lumley Says:

    Ten compelling reasons to vote for Steve Harper’s new C.R.A.P. party:

    1. You hate children
    2. Profitable corporations should get big tax cuts
    3. We need big U.S. style prisons for felons engaging in unreported crimes
    4. Heath Care should be run by business and not government
    5. We need more judges who understand that tube tops are an invitation to sex
    6. Stephen Harper has really expensive hair
    7. To be a successful politician you have to be a good liar
    8. Patronage is a good thing, especially when you set a record
    9. For making government more open and accountable (^not)
    10. He plays a mean piano

  36. Rural and Right Says:

    @Nadine Lumley: You are doing great work advertising for the Liberal Party of Canada and the NDP.

    Keep drinking that Red-Orange Crush

  37. CBC gives anti-Harper election group exposure « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] For a larger run-down on this organization, see earlier post here […]

  38. J M Says:

    This Lumley woman is a real piece of work. Some of her main accusations against Stephen Harper are that he is gay, wears a toupee, his wife is a lesbian and that he’s secretly separated from his wife. She also plasters her webpages with pictures of Harper that look like they were doctored by a 10 year old schoolboy – which perhaps is the real identity of this hideous woman.

  39. J-T in MTL Says:

    If you dare to challenge or question the ridiculous Lumley, she’ll call you ‘*******’ and block your posts so she won’t have to defend her wackiness.
    Is it any wonder that the Liberals got creamed when they have this kind of quality in their ranks?

  40. NDP MP among list of Gaza boat “Honorary Endorsers” « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] Murray Dobbin – Leftie nutbar who is the “political strategist” for the anti-Harper group Catch-22 […]

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