Liberal MP Coderre playing without a helmet again


Liberal MP Denis Coderre never learns does he? You’d think getting sued by NHLer Shane Doan for defamation would have cured Coderre of his habit of mixing politics and hockey.

Of course since it was settled out of court and MPs’ legal fees are hidden from the public, what lesson was there to learn except that there are no consequences.

Coderre’s latest lame attempt at stirring up controversy is over the Boston Bruin’s Zedano Chara’s hit on Max Pacioretty of the Montreal Canadians.

Coderre introduced a motion condemning the NHL’s inaction (see here) adding to his long list of pandering and stunts (see here and here).



BC Conservative president McGrath gaga over handful of new members

I had a fun little exchange with some of the brainiacs running the BC Conservative Party who went ape when I called them “inept and delusional” here.

Sean Smith, whose role is to organize social media for them stalked me all over cyberspace declaring I had no idea what I was talking about and touted how great they have become since I was removed from the party.

I was told how many Liberals would be flocking to the BC Cons now that Christy Clark was elected leader. Wanna guess how many ran screaming from Christy?

Drum-roll please….”close to 50″… yup, a grand total of maybe 50 NEW members!

President Wayne McGrath, delusional as ever thinks that’s something to crow about in the media (see here) instead of being shamefully embarrassed.

Update: From the stalker himself:

“HAHAHA! “Stalked me all over Cyberspace”. I posted replies on your comment board (which you didn’t seem to have the guts to approve for viewing), replied to the ridiculous Tweets you posted and clicked on a link to your facebook page and sent a message saying that I thought it was strange that a “true blue conservative” was spending an awful lot of time hacking away at the only conservative party that has a chance with in a run at the Legislature. I think that was over 1 or 2 days. Stalking. Spoken like a true conspiracy theorist.

Why am I answering this one? Shows up on my “bc conservatives” Google alerts. If you don’t want replies, Dean, don’t post drivel.”

So Iggy wants to talk about democracy huh?

From Michael Ignatieff today:

“government does not respect democratic principles at heart of our democracy”

Maybe Iffy can explain how these democratic principles came into play when he was installed leader of the Liberals without an election (see here) and was ready to form a coalition government without a public mandate (see here)?

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