Stockwell Day to announce he won’t run again

Public Eye Online is reporting that Conservative minister Stockwell Day will announce tomorrow that he will not seek re-election. (see here)

I’m in that riding…wonder if the Conservative powers-that-be would allow a disturber like me run?


Iggy wants to talk about “fraud”?

Check out Michael Ignatieff’s recorded Statements in the House (here) where he directed the word “fraud” 15 times since March 1 at the Conservative government.

Funny how the only politician actually found guilty of fraud is one of his senators. (see here)

Citizen’s McGregor scraping bottom of barrel with stock photo “gotcha” story

Glen McGregor must be one of the most tired and frustrated journos in Ottawa.

His anti-Conservative shtick is only getting more transparently embarrassing attested with his latest yellow-journalism article about Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre’s website using a stock photo of an Asian family. (see here)

Check out McGregor’s other attempts to smear here, here, here, here and here

Anyone surprised CBC fails to live up to access laws?

The next time any CBC  journalist has the audacity to scream about open and accountable government, they should be asked about their own company’s “red alert” rating given by the Information Commissioner.

The “red alert” grade which the CBC received (along with Canada Post) is one of the worst ratings ever handed out by the Commission. (see here)

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