3 BC Conservative MPs will not seek re-election


Wow, quite the announcements coming out of BC today with 2 cabinet ministers and a back-bencher all now saying that they will not be running in the next election.

Stockwell Day

Chuck Strahl

John Cummins

Anyone willing to bet on a spring election happening now and with the upcoming clearing out of BC Liberal ministers by Christy Clark, is this the start of a new BC political coalition? (see here)


Official complaint laid against NDP MP


Conservative MP Rick Dykstra:

“I am writing to launch an official complaint against Linda Duncan, the NDP Member of Parliament for Edmonton-Strathcona.

In this letter, I have attached an official Parliamentary e-mail letter sent out by Ms. Duncan’s Constituency Assistant, Ms. Erica Bullwinkle.

Ms. Bullwinkle’s e-mail letter is an attempt to organize members of the local NDP Edmonton-Strathcona Electoral District Association, in her words, to “help your Edmonton NDP candidates get ready!  Here are some ways you can help get rid of Stephen Harper’s Conservatives and put progressive MPs in their places.  Re-elect Linda Duncan in Edmonton-Strathcona.” (see here)

The more I see of Dykstra, the more I like him. He doesn’t let the opposition MPs get away with garbage and will call them on it.

All this is stemming from Alberta Ardvark’s great work here.


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