Official complaint laid against NDP MP


Conservative MP Rick Dykstra:

“I am writing to launch an official complaint against Linda Duncan, the NDP Member of Parliament for Edmonton-Strathcona.

In this letter, I have attached an official Parliamentary e-mail letter sent out by Ms. Duncan’s Constituency Assistant, Ms. Erica Bullwinkle.

Ms. Bullwinkle’s e-mail letter is an attempt to organize members of the local NDP Edmonton-Strathcona Electoral District Association, in her words, to “help your Edmonton NDP candidates get ready!  Here are some ways you can help get rid of Stephen Harper’s Conservatives and put progressive MPs in their places.  Re-elect Linda Duncan in Edmonton-Strathcona.” (see here)

The more I see of Dykstra, the more I like him. He doesn’t let the opposition MPs get away with garbage and will call them on it.

All this is stemming from Alberta Ardvark’s great work here.



7 Responses to “Official complaint laid against NDP MP”

  1. Bec Says:

    Of all people to whine about the unfortunate error of a Kenney staffer, a double standard, Dipper! True hypocricy because, frankly, little gaffes are bound to occur with all people but it seems that the only ones held up in the mindless media spotlight, are conservatives. It’s sickening!

    This Dipper office booboo, occurred several weeks ago, was discovered and although I don’t know, assume that Conservative insiders were well aware of it. Instead of making a big deal about it, they continued to do the work of the people, when they could have outed the rookie MP and her staff member.
    Reap what you sow, loser Opps!

  2. E Mac Says:

    It is true that Rick will not be taken advantage of. Linda Duncan the (15 minutes of fame) flunky will find that all is not well in dipperland.
    Every dog has his day, and this is it for sure.
    Good work Rick – keep pressing the individuals who would have you written off.

    E Mac

  3. Rose Says:

    If the left want to wage a war of pettyness than we must engage in the battle, I’m tired of watching the left get away with their public hystronics sans MSM accountability.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Yes, and that’s why I like guys such as Dykstra who will stand up and expose them when the media won’t

    • Jen Says:

      MSM are too busy ‘raging war’ against the conservatives. Right now they are deep in thought with coalition to find ways to bring the government and lower taxes which the msm detest.
      Cn you imagine going back to high taxes, higher GST?

  4. Jen Says:

    Will the Speaker of the House say anything to this or take the same short of time to finalized his verdict as he did on Oda on Duncan- not likely. Duncan being part of the coalition will get the same treatment as her partners Jennings and Holland who are yet to heard about from the Speaker on their violation on the CPC ‘private poperty.’

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