Stockwell Day turns down BC Conservatives

Keith Baldrey from Global is saying that the BC Conservative Party tried to get resigning cabinet minister Stockwell Day to come on board (more than likely as a leadership contender) and was turned down.

How BC Con president Wayne McGrath could have possibly forgot about Day’s mid-election slam against us defies belief as McGrath and myself discussed it many times.

Stockwell Day:

“I’ve had it reported to me that some local supporters of the provincial (not federal) BC Conservatives are saying I’m supporting that party and its local candidates in the upcoming provincial election.

Read my lips. Wrong. Not. Nada. Nyet. Nein. Non. Oh, and did I mention, no?

I also have been clear at every joint federal/provincial news conference in BC over the last few years, and in this paper that I support the non-partisan federal/provincial approach of the Premier and his local candidates, as well as retiring MLA, Rick Thorpe

Also: Check out the 3 Liberal MLAs who have also said no to the BC Conservatives here


Iggy says Liberals would fund Quebec arena

Michael Ignatieff has decided bribing voters in Quebec with an arena is worth writing off any support that the Liberals may have left out this way in the West:

“There is now a clear choice. If you want a federal involvement, we have to vote Liberal “

Yup Iffy, we certainly do have a clear choice now don’t we? Thanks for the ammunition… (see here)

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