Justin Trudeau doesn’t want Gov’t to say bad things about honour killers

Liberal immigration critic MP Justin Trudeau thinks using the word “barbaric” to describe honour killings isn’t politically correct:

“I think that’s part of the tone that I’m uncomfortable with”

Those poor, poor murderers huh Justin? (see here)


New BC Liberal premier invites disgraced ex-NDP premier to swearing-in

Of all the Tweets stemming from the BC Liberal cabinet and premier swearing-in ceremony, this one from Ian Bailey of the Globe and Mail caught my eye:

Here’s a quote from Christy about Glen going to work for gazillionaire Jimmy Pattison:

“I hope he (Glen Clark) is not in charge of any of the accounting functions for the company, or Pattison might regret his decision.” (see here)

Can somebody please explain what Christy Clark is thinking by having Glen Clark there as her special guest? This screenshot  is a from the BC Liberal website, can you imagine the thoughts of the other Liberal MLAs in that caucus who fought tooth-and-nail against Glen Clark?

Now, can you imagine what conservative voters think of that?

Update: Is this the reward for Glen attending Christy’s swearing-in” (see here)

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