Liberal finance critic praises carbon tax

Liberal finance critic Scott Brison shows what happens when a MP starts blowing smoke in an effort to suck up to provincial parties.

Not only did he praise Gordon Campbell who was the most detested premier in Canada, he also undermined his party’s policies in doing so.

On a Carbon Tax:

“A carbon tax is not a left-wing or a right-wing policy, it’s simply a sensible, pragmatic, courageous [policy]”

On the HST:

“On the Harmonized [Sales] Tax (HST) … I heard [Campbell] on radio a few weeks ago giving quite a compelling explanation and he was actually quite convincing”

“The timeline of it — it’s hard to imagine they could have moved forward that quickly after the [2009] campaign, but after having listened to him explain it in the interview, I believe him.”

“ … There’s an authenticity there”

“I admire him.”

Of course this was all ignored by the reporter who did the story and who bizarrely called this 14 year veteran MP, ex-PC leadership candidate and ex-Liberal minister “a rising star”. (see here)

Media still silent on Iggy’s Quebec arena bribe


Funny how when it was the Conservatives mulling over funding hockey arenas, the Ottawa Press Gallery went ape but are so very quiet when Michael Ignatieff actually promised to fund them if Quebec voted Liberal.

As far as I’ve seen, there has only been 4 articles in English about Iggy’s “cultural centres”… 1 by CTV, 1 by CBC and 2 in the National Post where both columnists slammed him for the idea see here and here.

Things that make you go hmmmm…

Trudeau digs himself deeper over honour killings quote

Liberal MP Justin Trudeau’s attempt at getting himself out of the self-inflicted mess when he commented that he didn’t like the word “barbaric” to describe female genital mutilation and hour killings (listen here) is only making things worse.

Now Justin is saying that it was all about “semantics”:

“Perhaps I got tangled in semantic weeds in my comments, particularly in view of the Conservatives’ cynicism on these issues”

This comes after his first attempted defence fell flat when he tried saying that “responsible neutrality” (whatever that means) should be used when discussing murder and maiming. See Trudeau twisting in the wind here

Also: Don’t let Iggy off the hook on this either as his spokesperson came running to Justin’s side laying the blame at PM Harper’s feet:

“It’s disappointing that the Conservatives think that a mention of violence against women in this guide is a sufficient strategy to actually combat violence against women,” a senior Ignatieff official said Tuesday morning. “If Stephen Harper claims to be concerned about violence against women, why has his government refused to develop a National Violence Against Women Prevention Strategy that the House of Commons unanimously endorsed in 2008?”

And of course you have the usual media trying to deflect cover for him as well:

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