Another nutty Harper conspiracy and the Star

Linda Diebel of the Toronto Star doesn’t bother with proof to write about a tin-foil hat wearing professor who is saying that PM Stephen Harper got him fired:

“I’ve realized that the Harper regime will be very punitive toward those who challenge or attempt constructive criticism.”

Diebel of course throws in well-known anti-Harper University of Ottawa professors Errol Mendes and Amir Attaran who allege a “witch-hunt” against them and Heather MacIvor from the University of Windsor who claims to be “an enemy of the party“.

Don Abelson, who is responsible for the university’s social sciences program says:

“it is complete nonsense if Peter Langille thinks I am conservative and he is liberal left-of-centre and I was somehow responsible for orchestrating his dismissal. “I’d love for that to hold up in court … This is just an absolute joke.”

And that Langille was let go due to budgetary reasons and low course enrolment which Langille says were always full.

A credible journalist at this point would find out what the real numbers were but that might disprove this guy’s wing-nut theories and leave Dieble without a Harper hit-piece now wouldn’t it? (see here)

Also: Nice to see Jonathan Kay of the NP call the Star out again for this garbage journalism here

Video: Iggy’s lipstick meant to match his eye shadow?



Yikes…who the heck did Michael Ignatieff’s make-up for this commercial?



Trudeau’s an idiot but it’s the Cons fault say some media

You can imagine Jane Taber of the Globe wanting to give Liberal MP Justin Trudeau a big hug and tell him everything will be fine after reading this from her.

Taber uses the Dan Gardner’s column that to say ya, it was ONLY silly politically for Trudeau to admit he was uncomfortable with the word “barbaric” to describe female genital mutilations and honour killings but it really is the Conservatives who are the badies.

“Whether Trudeau’s objection was right or wrong, he never said anything to belittle the moral gravity of honour killings. “Indeed, he was explicit about that. But still the prime minister’s personal spokesman saw an opening for a vicious attack. So he took it. How utterly typical.”

“They have to fight dirty because power lies with the ruthless and entrenched elite. It’s civil war. And it never ends.”

To Taber and Gardner, it’s only dirty and “political” when the Conservatives do it.

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