Why are BC Conservatives only asking Liberals to join?

BC Conservative party president Wayne McGrath continues his stumbling bumbling ways with this quote in the Vancouver Sun on retiring Conservative MP Chuck Strahl:

“Mr. Strahl is not a member of our party, but he is a very fine conservative. If he wants to continue in politics we’d certainly welcome him to the party, but there’s been no discussion at this point.”

Now, why wouldn’t the BC Cons get on the phone and ask Strahl? I mean jeesh, they’ve asked 3 Liberals (see here) so far and didn’t hesitate to ring up well-known BC Liberal supporter Stockwell Day (see here).

I know that the party brainiacs are all pinning their hopes on John Cummins who I think would make a great leader and would definitely support if he did, but to have a coronation for him organized by Randy White is just plain stupid.

The BC Conservatives have a great chance to stir up some interest with a leadership race but once again, they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. (see here)

Also: See my earlier Draft Chuck Strahl post here


5 Responses to “Why are BC Conservatives only asking Liberals to join?”

  1. billy Says:

    Dean, you have lost all relevance.

    You’re just another Garth Turner.

  2. Bob Says:

    Dean, you’re not unlike Garth Turner.

  3. Splendor Sine Occasu Says:

    I’m at the point where if the BC Conservatives run a fence post in my riding, I’ll vote for it, just so I won’t vote for Christy Clark.

    Although, Mike Farnworth and John Horgan seem like fine gentlemen too…for socialists. I would be tempted to vote for them just to get to the bottom of the BC Rail scam.

  4. Bob Says:

    Too late Dean, got a screen shot last night………..

    • BC Blue Says:

      It was a warning asshat that you are obviously too stupid to have gotten. I’m not interested in your crap filling my site. Maybe start you own and call it the “Napoleon Complex”

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