Video: Iggy telling tall tales about his family background

Michael Ignatieff was going around in January honing his story about how his “family came over in a boat” and now has released an ad with that and other surreal dialogue about his Dad who Iffy says:

– “was a refugee who came here with nothing”

– “lived that immigrant dream, up the ladder one rung at a time.”

The media should be laughing in Iffy’s face over this but instead you have guys like Aaron Wherry from Macleans who never misses a chance to write a snarky comment about what a Conservative says or does, only posts the video for the Liberals without a word.

Then, when the Conservatives put out a missive on Iffy’s Dad’s real story you get Susan Delacourt taking a shot at the Conservatives for daring to challenge Iffy:

“Feel free to stop, have a coffee, go out and have life halfway through this screed, which seems to be dedicated to the idea that there are fake immigrants in Canada, and then ones that Conservatives like (“typical” immigrants). I leave you to figure out where the distinction lies”

So typical…(see Delacourt’s snark and the Con missive here)

Also: This isn’t the first time Iffy has been caught stretching his “I’m just an ordinary Joe-Canada” story. See here when he lied about his “public education”


The lie that Speaker Milliken found Cons guilty of contempt

It would have been funny if it wasn’t so utterly reprehensible for the opposition and the media to say that the Conservative government was declared to be in contempt of Parliament over the Bev Oda saga and fighter jet costs.

Liberal finance critic Scott Brison:

“It’s clear that the government has broken the rules and is in contempt of Parliament”

That quote was from the same article which the Toronto Star headlined:

“Conservatives ruled in contempt of Parliament” (see here)

I waited to comment on this until the farcical committee started this week where we see the opposition caught not reading documents but still say that they are incomplete but of course the media ignored these lies as they don’t fit the pre-written story-line.

So how does the Star square today’s balanced piece titled “Draft committee report says Tories in contempt of Parliament” (see here) with the one I linked above… they don’t even care to try.

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Thanks Dean

Harper does right thing calling in RCMP but media won’t admit it


So far, what we know of the APTN story about Bruce Carlson and his alleged attempt at selling a water filtration system to native bands by saying he had access to the Conservative government:

1) Carlson met with Indian Affairs staff and basically was told to go pound sand:

“The minister has never met with, been spoken to or been lobbied by Bruce Carson on these matters. The minister’s staff met with Bruce Carson on one occasion. Mr. Carson briefed the staff on a proposed water project. Staff provided publicly available information to Bruce Carson”

2) Carlson first claimed to speak directly with PM Harper on this issue then later retracted by saying he only spoke with someone in Harper’s office.

Harper’s public statement:  “never met with, been spoken to or been lobbied by Bruce Carson on any of the matters.”

3) When Harper became aware of this by APTN, he called in the RCMP:

PM’s principal secretary Ray Novak: “The materials we have seen may provide evidence of a potential breach of the Lobbying Act, among other things”

But of course the media allows Michael Ignatieff to get away with saying “It suggests to you that there’s some serious ethical lapses or lapses of judgment on the part of this government” as well as the NDP’s Pat Martin “The PMO is trying to get out in front of a scandal the likes of which we haven’t seen in a long, long time. Throwing Carson under the bus is going to be too little too late.” (see here)




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