About those Christy Clark haters leaving Liberals for BC Cons?

So after president Wayne McGrath declared that there was a “flood” of Liberals joining the BC Conservative Party once Christy Clark became premier (see here), guess what reality is showing with the latest poll from Ipso Reid:

BC Liberals 43%

NDP 38%

Green 10%

BC Cons 5%

Last year we were then polling at 8% by Ipso and had been as high as 11% with Mustel. I sure do hope a good leader comes along and sweeps the dead weight out of this much-needed party.

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Globe columnist believes comment section reflects general public view



The sure way of losing any remaining credibility for a political pundit like Lawrence Martin is to base the Globe and Mail’s commenters as a weather bell for the average voter:

“In response to the story, online posts at The Globe and Mail shot quickly into the thousands, most of them siding with Mr. Ignatieff. It was an indication of how integrity is replacing the economy as the issue uppermost in voters’ minds.”

The Globe’s political comment sections are by far the most nutty of any Canadian publication’s where you regular see “fascist” and “dictator” Stephen Harper references.

If Martin seriously thinks Canadians are walking around describing Harper in the same manner, it’s far beyond time for him to retire. (see here)

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