Video: Iggy’s “coalition monkey”

Oh boy, the Conservative war room people are sure to be grinning from ear-to-ear as Michael Ignatieff’s political ineptness was again on full display in front of the Ottawa Press Gallery. Obviously no one could or wanted to get him to change his answer (see here and here) about forming a coalition after the election.

You can hear the pleading in the media’s voices for Iffy to denounce the coalition in their repeated questions but to no avail.

Svend tribute why it’s hard to get misty-eyed over MPs leaving

Call me a cynic but it’s pretty darn hard for me to all worked up over statements in the House by MPs who were not running again in the next election when you get garbage like this from the NDP’s Bill Siksay:

My predecessor, Svend Robinson, once remarked that the highest duty of a member of Parliament was love. Love should be our daily agenda, a daring, justice-seeking and tender love. Some day, even here, we will find that path where all that we do we do for love.

Does that include his “tender love” for expensive jewellery like when Robinson stole a $50,000 ring and was then laughingly given an absolute discharge? (see here)

Iggy’s “red door or blue door” coalition non-answer


Michael Ignatieff couldn’t have proven the Conservative’s point of him hiding that he would try to upset the election results and make a deal with the opposition and form a coalition government if the Cons are returned to government with a minority again any better than he did with his ridiculous answer.

“There’s a blue door and a red door…”

Andrew Coyne of Macleans:

“It was an astonishing debacle. He must have known the question was coming. For goodness sake, it’s the centrepiece of the Tory campaign. Has been for months. And this was the best answer he could come up with? Red door, blue door? Did he really think that obvious non-answer would be enough? Even the Toronto Star reporter was unimpressed.” (see here)

Who the heck is advising Iffy? How is it possible that he thought that was a smart way to answer a question he absolutely had to know was coming?

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