Macleans’ Coyne takes McGuinty’s word as Ignatieff’s?

So there you have it…don’t bother getting Michael Ignatieff to clarify his own statement that said only that he would not form a coalition if he won the election (see here) but get the promise from one of his MPs that it also meant if the Liberals lose.

Andrew Coyne:

“I consider the issue settled” (see here)

It’s not like one of Ignatieff’s MPs has ever tried to rewrite history about the previous 2008 coalition deal right? (listen here)


Iggy did NOT rule out coalition if he loses

Whoa, slow down there Liberal media friends with all those screaming headlines saying Michael Ignatieff “rules out coalition”. Even Jonathan Kay from the National Post was fooled.

Iggy’s statement was only that he would not form a coalition IF he wins:

“If, as Leader of the Liberal Party, I am given the privilege of forming the government, these are the rules that will guide me” (see here)

How is it that the compliant media only see what they want to see? Shameful.

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