Bloc’s Duceppe caught in his coalition lie

Oh oh…looks like karma came back and bit Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe.

Duceppe has repeatedly called Stephen Harper a liar in regards to the 2004 letter signed by all 3 of the opposition parties:

“We cannot trust people who have proven to be dishonest. We cannot trust people who lie, especially when the deceit has been premeditated, and even less when these people continue to do it. That’s what Stephen Harper and his disciples do.” (see here)

Now take a look at this Twitter exchange between Duceppe and Andrew Coyne.

Of course Duceppe in 2004 said that there was no coalition:

“In no way we are a coalition and we won’t be a coalition.”

So, we have both Jack Layton (see here) and Gilles Duceppe changing their stories all of a sudden now that we are into an election. Will the media do its job and call them on it?

Video: Layton’s 2004 “coalition” story and the one he’s telling now

So, which is it Jack? Is it this meandering weasely version that you cite now or the one which you called any talk of a coalition “bullshit“? (listen here)

Smiling Jack must have forgotten this quote of his as well:

“It’s impossible to imagine that these three parties with their completely different platforms could form a coalition as we find in other countries.”

Similarly, Duceppe’s memory is now selective on the same topic:

“In no way we are a coalition and we won’t be a coalition.”

Media’s ridiculously low standards set for Iggy



Fearing a blow-out by the Conservative’s, the Ottawa Press are doing their best to prop up Michael Ignatieff with fluff stories telling us how well he is doing on the campaign trail so far.

Case in point is this absurd story from the National Post’s John Ivison about how far Iggy has come as a politician now as amazingly, he has learned to actually carry cash with him when he makes purchases. (see here)

Video: Coren destroys Iggy on “poor immigrant” story


This is an example of what we will be seeing on the Sun TV network with Michael Coren’s new show. A very good lesson to those who are currently getting away with political murder by the media’s old guard.

h/t @aka_pooch

Also: See earlier post on Iffy whining about getting caught lying about family history here

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