CTV uses Harper-hating professor as “coalition expert”

My eyes couldn’t have gotten much wider when I saw well-known anti-Conservative Errol Mendes being interviewed on CTV’s Election 2011 today as an expert on coalition governments. (see here)

There can be no way that the people who booked Mendes didn’t know about his tin-foil hat episode when he ran to the Toronto Star saying that the Conservative Party was digging up dirt on him and his buddy, the Afghan torture-claiming Amir Attaran (see here).

Roger Smith from CTV has done the same using Attaran multiple times as an “expert” without disclosing his bias (see here).

This is not a coincidence and can only be explained as a deliberate attempt by CTV to deceive its viewers.

Taber hides identity of Liberal likening Harper to racist

Jane Taber is at it again with her anonymous “senior Liberal official”.

This time though hiding her source questioning Stephen Harper’s usage of “you people” in relation to ethnic groups is beyond inexcusable:

“A senior Ignatieff official noted that the Conservative Leader, in his speech, referred to the members of the various cultural groups as “you people,” which he deemed questionable.”

Shame on Taber for allowing Liberal operatives to smear Harper with racist innuendo in the safety of anonymity. (see here)

Yikes, 35% of Liberal supporters don’t believe Iggy on coalition

It’s bad enough for the Liberals when the undecided and supporters of other parties don’t believe Michael Ignatieff when he now/kinda says he doesn’t support forming a coalition government but when 1/3 of your own don’t, it’s a political death knell.

Mark Bonokoski from the Sun on this poll:

“what kind of positive spin can be put on a professional survey that shows 35% of committed Liberals think their leader is lying through his teeth about not forming a coalition, and another 32% don’t quite know how to think about it?

In other words, in hard numbers, only 35% of Ignatieff’s own people believe him. As attack ads go, the Conservatives don’t need one. All they have to do is wave this survey.” (see here)

Looks like Harper knew something which we didn’t when deciding to push hard on this from the get-go doesn’t it?

Star’s Delacourt and Mallick proving how biased and nutty media can get

Check out these samples of journalism from today’s Toronto Star:

Susan Delacourt’s blog where she admits that reporters will slant their stories depending on how well they are fed on campaign tours:

“Reporters will make “fit to govern” judgments based on how well the tour buses perform  in the area of feeding and accommodating the media. Campaign buses that get lost or break down or fail to provide three square meals a day to reporters will be pronounced abject failures at political leadership/competence” (see here)

And the always nutty Heather Maillick really jumps the shark with her column today on what Canada would look like with a Conservative majority government:

– “In Harperland, your students would turn you in for Wrongspeak and you would lose your job”

– “Canada would increasingly resemble the U.S., a model that makes European countries shudder. Guns on the street, gated communities, rampant drug use, unlimited anonymous corporate political donations, no government safety standards for food and medicine, classrooms that resemble holding pens more than civilized safe rooms for the young to learn . . . If Harper got his majority, these things would hit us like an avalanche”

– “Forget family reunification, forget federal money to ease non-whites’ path into Canadian society”

– “Women’s rights would retreat, including abortion rights, access to medical advances and the right to go to court to protest inequality”

– “Everything would be up for privatization, from roads, parks and parking meters to schools and hospitals”

– “Harper’s targeting of perceived enemies verges on the Stalinist.  Stalinists…killing anyone wearing glasses”

– “The Conservative hate machine will swivel toward you like a Dalek and advance. You’re doomed. A Harper majority government wouldn’t just lash out generally. It would hunt down its enemies.”

– “Fear these people. Don’t get sick. Don’t grow old. Don’t have children. Make yourself invulnerable.” (see here)

It isn’t just Mallick who is proving to be filled with crazy-hate, think about the editor, publisher and owner who would allow this type of crap to be printed.

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