Ex-MP John Cummins new BC Conservative leader

Congratulations to recent Conservative MP John Cummins on today’s acclamation as leader of the BC Conservative Party.

I’m not thrilled about him being the only candidate for the leadership but that blame rests on the parties brainiacs like president Wayne McGrath, Randy White and VP Jeff Bridge and doesn’t reflect poorly at all on Cummins. A good race would have brought much needed new members to the party not to mention a lot of desirable media coverage.

Anyway, now for the hard work…getting money, candidates and decent party policy in place with two issues being front and center.

1) Cummins needs a better answer for why he voted for the HST as a MP and why he doesn’t support the way the Liberals implemented it.

2) The vote-splitting question which the Liberals and their friendly media cohorts are already playing up. An example of that can be found here

Good luck to Cummins and he has my 100% support for what it is worth.


13 Responses to “Ex-MP John Cummins new BC Conservative leader”

  1. Luke Says:

    The fact that nobody else would step forward and run for the leadership speaks volumes about the support, or lack thereof for this party.

    Anyhow, good luck to Mr. Cummins, hopefully he’s strong enough to overcome the current party leadership which seems inept, at least from the outside.

    • BC Blue Says:

      lol It isn’t just from the outside that the ineptness is apparent but hopefully Cummins will sweep out the deadwood now.

  2. Sean M Says:

    I think this is great news for the BC Conservatives. Cummins is a good man and competent. Anything to get rid of that nit-wit media darling Clark. I hope the BC Conservatives run a full slate of candidates, they really have a chance to shake up the political sphere of British Columbia politics. Good Luck Mr. Cummins.

  3. CT Says:

    Why should I vote for the provincial conservative party when I no nothing of the people or policy. I would have more faith in their effort if the identified 6 – 10 ridings and focussed their efforts at electing members there. It wouldn’t split the vote province wide but would allow them a voice in the legislature and momentem for the following election which they could contest province wide.

    If their platform is similiar to the Wild Rose Party they will have my support. I have been donating to Wild Rose for 4 years now. I have voted Libeeral provincially for years with my nose plugged. I say that realizing that Campbell was not that bad a Premier on the fiscal side.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Realistically, they would only have a chance of winning in a handful of ridings next election but you will not be considered a political force by running a limited amount of candidates

      • Fred from BC Says:

        BC Blue Says:

        Realistically, they would only have a chance of winning in a handful of ridings next election but you will not be considered a political force by running a limited amount of candidates

        I’d be happy with just getting one or two elected the first time around, never mind a half-dozen. Get out there in the public eye, express some opinions on legislation, offer up some policies of your own, vote responsibly on whatever is put before you, etc. Let the public know that there is a viable third option now…

        Anyway, good luck to John. And thanks to you too, Dean, for sticking around and ‘showing the flag’ even though you were treated less than fairly (to put it mildly) in the past.

        • BC Blue Says:

          Thank you….I have never wavered from my support of the BC Conservative Party, only to those select few who have been running it.

  4. Luke Says:

    Yeah. I agree with Dean. I’d say focus on getting the leader elected, and few good candidates. Don’t focus on fielding a full slate of candidates right away.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Did you understand what I meant? I may not have been very clear… You have to run a full slate to be considered credible but in reality you only concentrate on those few winnable ridings.

  5. sheanmacdonald Says:

    with John Cummins in the race it shows the age of the party directors i have always respected my elders now nearing 40 i think it is time they started listening to us.
    i would stand for the partyt my area if i felt this party would really listen to the people who vote for them and not have me try to tell the voters that we/the party knows best the people of bc have shown that they know what they want.
    i believe they will vote for the bc conservatives when shown they are being listened to

  6. ron watson Says:



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